Saturday, December 27, 2008

we go together like peas and carrots

Tonight as we were driving home from the pool, Charlie confided in me that one of his New Year Resolutions is to remember all of his siblings, nieces, nephews and in-law birthdays, this coming year.

When I told him that he needed to go buy a few cards because he'd need to send out two within the next few days, he looked at me wide-eyed and asked, "For who?!"

"Well," I replied, "Your sister-in-law Kathy and your niece Alice both share a birthday on January 8th."

He nodded and said, "Oh yeah, that's right. But then, we don't have any more birthdays until my sister Susan in June." And I replied, "Actually, you have your step mother's birthday in February. Your father is in March. Your brother-in-law is in April. I AM IN APRIL. And then your nephew and niece are both in May."

He paused for a moment and then gave me a puzzled look and very seriously asked, "Remind me again how old I am?" And after I laughed for a solid minute, I said, "You turned 42 in November and if you think I am not going to blog about this you are SADLY mistaken."

My God I love this guy.

Not only does he make me laugh more than anyone I've ever met, if not for him, not a single picture would be hung straight in this house. (Not to mention, this pirate ship, this doll house and this easel would be laying around in a million pieces beneath our Christmas tree.)


  1. We love Charlie too! Now the next time you are ready to kill him, we're going to make you come back to this post!

    Happy Holidays JANE!

  2. Awesome. You two made me laugh too.

  3. Good luck , charlie! My husband gets very confused about my birthday and our wedding anniversary, 1 is on the 12th of july and the other on the 16th of july. His memory tells him they are both on the 14th! I suppose there's a logic but it annoys me!!!!

  4. Charlie it's a good thing you have Super Jen to remind you of all the birthdays!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and 2009 WILL be better for all of us.

  5. 'Jane', I think you'll do great with Charlie's resolution!

    When we were married my husband and I decided that we would each be responsible for our own families' birthdays. That quickly changed after 'we' missed his mother's birthday and took a gift to a birthday party for the wrong niece!

    Wishing you a triply+one Happy and Healthy New Year!

  6. Awwww! That's a great shot of you two. I've got a pretty awesome husband too. I can't "do" any of this parenthood thing without him. He's my partner in crime, best friend, and favorite adult in the whole world. How'd we get so lucky? :-)

  7. I love peas and carrots!!

    Good luck w/your resolution ... sounds like a great one -- don't forget to add mine to your list!! (I'll be waiting by the mailbox for a card!! or Trader Joe!) ;-) Happy New Year!

    Cute picture!! Love, Marg.

  8. We've had a similar conversation when I told my husband his mother's birthday was coming up last spring.

    "I know - it's May 1st."

    "No, it's June 8th."

    "Oh, my grandma's is May 1st."

    "No,your Grandma's is OCTOBER 1st."

    "Well, who's is May 1st?"

    "Nobody's. My mother's is May

    But like your Charlie, I wouldn't trade him for the world.