Monday, December 10, 2007

o tannebaum

Since our children have been mobile, our Christmas tree has undergone a dramatic evolution. It has been a 3-foot tall variety perched on top of a table and out of reach from 14-month old crawlers and pull-er-uppers that might yank it down on top of them. Last year, the bottom half of the tree was completely devoid of any decorations for fear they would be consumed by 26-month old toddlers.

This year, we have decided to let the children help put on unbreakable ornaments.

A nearly 38-month old decorates a tree by putting ten ornaments and a string of Mardi Gras beads ... all on one branch.

It's the most beautiful thing I ever did see.

(If my mother [aka: the angel on my shoulder] the anon poster from yesterday is reading this, please go back and see my response to your comment about Kelsey's mom.)


  1. You are an inspiration. I love your response to Kelsey's mom and also that you befriended someone who wasn't very kind to you in the first place. I bet your mom (and the anon poster) would be proud!

    Your Christmas tree does look beautiful. :)

  2. We share the same style of tree decorating. But do we share the same sickness of sneaking back to the tree after everyone's gone to bed and rearranging the ornaments? No, just me? Ummmm, forget I said that.

  3. That is a gorgeous tree! It fits perfectly in your house, I am willing to bet!

  4. That branch is precious!!!!!! I am somewhat OCD, so it took me a while to let some things go. Every year that goes by with my kids, I am learning more and more to appreciate the "mistakes" and the things done differently than I would have done them. Does that make sense.
    I don't have triplets, but had my babies in '96, '97, and '98, so I felt like I did. I would not trade anything for having them so close in is wonderful! I'm glad that, while I thought God might have made a mistake in thinking that I could handle it, that He knew what He was doing.
    Love your Blog...precious, precious family!