Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my definition of "eye candy"

It's amazing how a chubby 5-month old can make my heart skip a beat and positively take my breath away.

I am so in love.

I'm also more convinced than ever that Mother Nature makes babies cute for a reason. With a squishy and giggling infant, parents become completely devoted to their little person hook, line and sinker.

And are oblivious to what lays in wait.


  1. He's beautiful...that smile! He's the perfect combination of the triplets. I can never pick who he looks more like, but I tend to lean toward Carolyn. Love your blog by the way.

  2. What could possibly lay in wait with that sweet beautiful child? He is way too stinkin' cute to cause any trouble.

  3. I could just eat him up.
    And really, after the trio, his three-year-old years will be *yawn, been there, done that, one step ahead of you bud* for most of the time. You can hope at least.
    Me, I'm looking forward to the laughs.

  4. Oh my goodness - he is so handsome! What an absolutely gorgeous boy!

  5. I wonder how long it will be before he's going pee pee in your sock? :)

  6. That has to be the cutest baby I've seen in a long time! He is absolutely adorable. I can see why you're in love! ;)

  7. My mom sent me your blog and told me that your Henry is the most beautiful baby she has ever seen...I'd have to agree. :) He takes my breath away, too.

    I love your blog. Thank you for it.

  8. He is so very sweet... I have a little girl he might want to hook up with. lol. Arranged marriages are all the rage, right?

    My pediatrician said that when she was hankering for a 4th child her husband called her staff and told them not to schedule more than one 4 month appointment a day because it made her baby lust rage. There's just something irresistible about that age.
    I agree with you, I think it's all about self preservation. When they smile like that or try to "kiss" you... you forget that it's 3am and you're both awake.

  9. He is quite handsome.

    And you are right - the cute gets you hooked. There are times I look at my 21 yr old who has just done or said something TOTALLY ridiculous, insulting, rude, or just plain stupid - and I still see that baby face and forgive him for being young and male - lol.

    DH, on the other hand, does not see it as well as I do.