Monday, December 03, 2007

multiple choice

Why do you think I feel like crying?

a) a mouse was found swimming laps in our toilet

b) my three-year old triplets have stopped napping

c) my husband is going away on a one-week "business" trip

There are two correct answers.

Guess which.


  1. B and C because I don't think a mouse would find any food in the toilet. :)

    I sympathize with you. My 4 1/2 yr old hasn't napped since maybe 3 1/2. My 2 1/2 yr old still naps but that doesn't help if I want a nap too.

  2. Oh lucky more naps. My four year olds still take a nap when I need one too! I would go crazy without naps!

    And when your husband gets home, be on your way out for your own "business" trip.

  3. Jen- OKAY you need a plan. I SAY we should put together a triplet mom's cruise. Say next year sometime after Henry is weaned. We just need to decide WHERE to go? Mexico? Alaska? EUROPE? How far is really too far away anyway?

    Knowing I get to go somewhere about every six months is the only reason I'm sane. I'm certain there are many, many almost insane MOMs out there.

    Okay, this is my fantasy right now. It's working for me!

  4. When my older one stopped napping (at not quite 3, just when the baby was born ARRGH), I turned afternoon nap time into video time. Since it was the only time he got to see a video, he would tend to sit quietly and watch - for 30 min to an hour. Sometimes I even got a catnap then!

  5. Benadryl crazy lady! Just kiddin, I read the post backwards so sorry. n I still can't believe that mouse! But glad to hear no business trip.......okay I am making assumptions but its late very late.

  6. - hmm B & C - NO way would I let my husband go on a business trip.

    No naps - no matter how much I love my IVF twins I would go crazy.

    I love your blog - it makes twins a piece if cake.