Thursday, October 04, 2007

month three: in review

Between the second month and the third month, I am reminded that a baby's nap rhythm starts to become established.

Henry has been waking up at around 6:30 to 7:00 every morning and starts getting fussy at around 8:30 or 9:00. He'll usually nurse for a few minutes and then fall to sleep for a solid 45 minutes.

Unless I put him in his crib, and then he'll sleep for 45 seconds.

He will remain awake - with a very brief catnap or two - from 10:00 until about noon'ish and just when I put the triplets down for their nap, he'll start to get fussy again.

This is typically the time that I'll stick him in the Bjorn and sit down to check my e-mail and update my blog.

If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll also try to fold a load of laundry or two, while rewarding myself with an M&M for every pair of little socks matched.

If you REALLY must know, the 45-ounce bag is half way gone.

In the afternoon, Henry will usually be content to kick back in his bouncy chair and watch the trio run and play.

The kids are turning in to great little helpers and will often keep the baby entertained with books (see video clip, below) while I'm busy eating M&M's folding laundry.

No longer do I worry that the kids will try and pick him up. They couldn't lift him if all three joined together and tried.

In the afternoon at around 4:00, he'll start to get fussy again and I'll load him back in to the Bjorn.

Because he has been so accustomed to taking naps in the carrier, he hasn't been doing very well when I transfer him to his crib. But Henry's honeymoon napping session while being worn is drawing to a close because I know that he is not sleeping as soundly as he would in a bed.

Besides, after a while my arms completely fall asleep. It's difficult to take him out of the carrier when I can't feel anything from my shoulders down.

Still, I really love this time of wearing him. I love looking down at him and if he is awake, his eyes light up and he'll start to chat.

He is chewing on his hands and he goes absolutely bonkers babbling whenever someone talks to him.

He is such a happy baby.

His rolls upon rolls of chub and cheery disposition, indicate that he is obviously getting enough from nursing.

Although I had assumed nursing the second time around would be a breeze, it took me a solid eight weeks to get comfortable. I've gotten pretty good at feeding him on the go and will nurse anywhere and everywhere.

At the beach, at the mall, at the park, at the zoo.

At fancy restaurants - while seated at the table - heck, I'll nurse him there, too.

No one can tell, I'm really discreet.

All that can be seen dangling are his pudgy little feet.

(Although, if you listen closely - you can hear him slurping on the teet.)

People have asked me how in the world I manage with our almost three year old triplets AND a new baby and I believe that Henry helps to keep me grounded.

When I feel myself going straight off the deep end, I look at him and I am remember that I love all of our children.

Even the little brunette one that likes to rip her siblings hair out, by the FISTFUL.

God sent Henry to me because He knew that I really needed him. Our family needed him. And until such time that Henry also drives me absolutely crazy, I'm going to continue writing love stories about him.

While he hangs on my chest and sucks me dry.


  1. He is seriously the cutest baby I've ever seen. I think I'd do whatever he wanted!!!!

  2. It's so awesome to see Henry's older sibs reading to him! Keep those videos coming! Shayna loves to watch them - she even ran to go get her Panda book to read to your little ones... too cute!

  3. Oh my gosh, they have grown so much since I left on August 1. Henry is a little person now and the trips are doing great. I loved hearing the ABC Chorus. You will have to get that on tape.

  4. Can Henry get any cuter????

    I made your Mom's pot pie tonight and it's heavenly!!!! And my 2.5 year old twins are expert chicken shredders- who knew? Thanks for an awesome blog and an awesome recipe!

  5. ALL of your kids are so beautiful! And the reading was so sweet!

  6. Look at Henry's butt! That right there is baby love.

  7. Adorable!
    Count yourself lucky that the kids still nap. It makes for a very long day once the nap stops.

  8. Henry is just perfect; I love how you can put into words how special he is.

    I'm impressed with William and all his critter names! Love those books.

  9. Too funny! I gifted you with an award on my blog today! I think your blog is FABULOUS! :)

  10. Henry is one cute little boy! So glad that he is helping to keep you sane right now:)

  11. Kathy from NJ10/5/07, 6:25 PM

    I don't know how you can resist that beautiful butt. I'd take a bite of that over M&M's any day. (That sounds really freaky - I really wouldn't bite it, but it is a perfect butt.)