Monday, October 22, 2007

déjà vu

Four years ago - the third week of October:

The Red Sox were in the ALCS.

Wild fires were out-of-control and scorching much of San Diego County.

The air quality was terrible and flames could be seen in the nearby mountains.

Our neighborhood was under "voluntary" evacuation.

We had received our first negative result from IVF and while our neighbors packed up their belongings and fled the area, I sat at home on the couch watching the news, drinking beer and crying.

Charlie was freaking out that we need to leave.

I wouldn't budge. I honestly didn't care.


The Red Sox are in the ALCS.

Wild fires are out-of-control and scorching much of San Diego County.

The air quality is terrible and our neighbors reported seeing flames in the nearby mountains.

Our neighborhood isn't yet under evacuation.

Charlie is busily working on a project for work oblivious to the impending danger.

I'm packing up our pictures, clothes, diapers and food supplies and thinking about when we are going to leave, where we are going to go, and how we are going to get there - since many of the roads and highways in Southern California are closed.

The difference between 2003 and now?

Four years.

Four children.

I'll actually care about the World Series this year.

News reports say that these fires will be worse than previously, because of the powerful Santa Ana winds.

Instead of Charlie trying to convince me - I'm trying to convince my husband that we need to drive north. In to Canada. And never look back.


  1. Anaheim is not yet on fire. You should take the brood to Disneyland! If the Malibu fire crosses over Santa Monica, that's where we're going! :)

  2. I just came by to check on ya'll. This is not a time to be indecisive. :-) Be careful and keep us posted!

  3. Please be careful! Its insane how many fires are starting around here. My good friend lives right by Camp Pendelton and was telling me that the visiblity is about nothing because of the smoke.

    Dont forget social security cards and birth certs!

  4. It IS insane... but Canada? Jenn do you know where those HUGE water dumping planes are until September each year? CANADA. We have them in Calif. under contract after that. Its freaking unbelievable here in Ventura County too with the Malibu, Santa Barbara and Camarillo fires in our neighborhoods. Oh and Simi is just over the hill. Ugh God help us!

  5. Well let me be the first to say that Canada welcomes you lol....I've been here for 9 yrs now

  6. We would love to have you in Canada. Its a beautiful place. My husband moved here almost 10 years ago and hasn't looked back. :)

  7. Now that the Sox are in the World Series, would you PLEASE pass a message along to their manager, Terry Francona??!!? For the love of God and everything holy....SPIT OUT THAT WAD OF GUM!
    We heard about the fires all the way here on the east coast. Be safe and good luck.

  8. At least you are planning ahead just in case you have to leave. Best to you and your beautiful family you are all in my prayers. How close is the fire to you.

  9. What a difference time can make!

    You guys be careful!

  10. Come to S.C. We have a bad drought, but we would love to have you.

  11. I saw the internet news reports today. Don't wait too long!

  12. We are praying for you and your family and all the others affected. Love Jackie

  13. Move to Seattle with us! You're more than welcome to come up to Long Beach and stay with us... since we still have your pack'n'plays! LOL! No, seriously, come here and stay with us!!!

  14. oh yeah, BTW, we have a big screen to watch your beloved Sox win the World Series... and expensive beer and wine to go along with that!

  15. We're in Poway and evacuated to a hotel in Sorrento Valley. Glad to hear your family is OK.

  16. I know of a child proof house in Las Vegas, should you need to go somewhere! I'm in Palm Springs so you could follow me!

    Stay safe and God Bless, Jen! Hope this passes you by.

  17. If you need a wet place to crash in Seattle right now, I'll inflate the air matress for you and scrounge up enough blankies for all the kids!

    Please be safe - you are all in my prayers.

  18. Hi there, I've been a reader for awhile but haven't commented. :-)

    I'm a proud Canadian, and if you need to hide out here, then go for it! We'll welcome you with open arms!

    One of the sales representatives I work with was standing not too far from the fires today when I was speaking to her. What a scary phenomenon these fires are.

    Stay safe! And good idea being prepared. Doesn't mean you'll have to leave, but you want to be ready if you do have to. Don't wait until the last second.

    I'll be sending out thoughts and prayers for your family! (And thanks for the mention of my lovely country, lol).

  19. We had to evacuate after an earthquake in CA when we were growing. Exciting when you're a kid and frightening when you are an adult. Be safe.