Thursday, October 18, 2007

a boy and his brother

Still no camera. But, I think I've narrowed it down to the Nikon D40x and the Canon EOS 400D. Both have received rave reviews - at least from what I can tell in the 27 minutes I've been able to devote to camera research.

I really like the look of some of the smaller compact cameras, and am planning to ask Santa for a back-up at Christmas. I'm also planning to ask for a winning lottery ticket, if Saint Nick has one laying around.

In the meantime, here's a picture I took before my camera passed from this life.

I love baseball. Especially when it's the post-season.

And the Red Sox are playing.

We've been watching baseball every night that it has been on for the past two weeks. We've even got the kids excited about it and love to hear them yell "Go Sox!!" I tend to be a little superstitious in the post-season when the Red Sox are in contention, so I won't tell you my theory.

At least not yet.


  1. A boy does need a brother. :)

    We have a little girl and we just found out that baby #2 is a girl... we are so excited that she will have a sister!

    Love the matching outfits!!

  2. You might want to check out this site for prices:

    And I'm having the same issues at the moment....decisions, decisions!

  3. Jen

    We bought the D40x at Costco earlier this year. It came with 2 lenses and a bag for about $800. It's a really nice camera. My wife who really never takes pictures has taken more pictures with it than our cool fit in your pocket point and shoot digital camera.

    The only major drawback to the DSLR is it's big. It's going to be tougher to bring with you places. If you get a DSLR, you'll be amazed at how much crisper your pictures will look. You'll also have to make sure you have enough space on your computer because you'll be taking tons more pictures at a higher resolution which means more computer space is needed (I've already run out on my computer).

    Oh, and your kids are great! :)

  4. Henry looks so big and just like lil Michael. Great snap.

  5. Jen - sorry, not on topic, but since your trio just turned three thought you may be able to help. i have a triplet 3rd b-day party to attend tomorrow. all girls. do you have any present ideas? any hits from your party. not sure what 3 year olds are into. thanks!

  6. cute as a bug. uh, two bugs. yeah. two. :-)

  7. I have had the Nikon D50 for nearly 2 years, since my daughter was just a few months old, and have used the Canon as well (a friend's, as well as trying before buying) and I would definitely recommend the Nikon over the Canon.

  8. Jen- the picture is precious.

    I had a bad experience with a Canon once, but it could just be my bad luck, although, Nikon is a really good camera overall.

  9. Glad the Amazing Trips (+ Henry) are part of Red Sox Nation!!! GO SOX!!!

  10. I have the canon 400D and I LOVE it. Best camera I have ever owned. Once you use it.. you will never go back to the little digitals!! The image is clear, crisp and nothing short of fabulous! One thing.. it is bigger .. but again the pictures are amazing.

  11. I love my Nikon D40x, but the big thing that helped me make my decision was the card.
    The Nikon used a SD card whereas the canon a CF card. I already had quite a few SD cards and most newish laptops have a built in SD slot......
    Just more food for thought.
    This is a year of big decisions and appliance problems for you!!!!!!!!!