Sunday, March 25, 2007

It was a year ago today...

... I started this blog.

It was intended to be a little something to help me pass the hours minutes while our children napped, yet serve the greater good of keeping our family and friends apprised of our children's recent developments.

It has pretty much remained a little something to help me pass the hours minutes while our children nap and has been an excellent means to stay in touch with family and friends. The vast majority who have never left me a comment.

But that's OK. Beth, Michelle, Frank, Mary, Linda, Greg, Andrew, Suzanne, Sylvie, Candy, Amy, Bob [all five of you], Marla, Joel, Felicia, Emily, Karen, Dave, Jean, Janet, Ron, Cathy, Donna, John, Jennifer, Sandy, Lisa, Tim, Grace, Eileen, Christine, Steve, Jim, Rob, should I continue??

I know they're there.

Because when I talk with my brother and he tells me about his bad back - he feels compelled to add that he didn't throw it out during the conception of a child ... or when Charlie bumps in to a neighbor at the grocery store - he congratulates him on our pregnancy that has not yet been announced.

Except on the internet.

And I blush. Because the written word comes a lot more easily to me than the spoken word. Although, I tend to be overly profuse with both. (No need to agree).

Along the way, I've *met* a lot of people who have left me comments - or - sent me e-mails. These strangers lives are as varied as their geographical locations.

Some have children.

Some want children.

Some don't know what they'd do with children.

Some have triplets, twins, quads - or quints.

Some are fellow bloggers.

Some are in the U.S.

Some are in Africa, Asia, Europe or the Middle East.

Some have stumbled upon Amazing Trips through some search engine, when they typed key words like "Children, Lick Toilet Brush", "Feed Children Off Floor" or "Children, Dog Poop". (Which makes me wonder, based on the title, what do they think this blog is about?? Should I worry about Child Protective Services contacting me??)

Although this blog has been a good vehicle to chronicle the challenges and joys of our daily lives - above all - it's been the best way I can find to share stories of the amazing trip that life has been ... since we've become parents to our Amazing Trips. It's incredible to look back through the archives and see how far we've come. With just over 52,000 visitors (and almost 100,000 hits) in the past year, I sincerely hope that all of you are enjoying the trip, too.

The way we see it ... the future's so bright, we've got to wear shades.


  1. Well since I now work at DSS (the South Carolina Department of Social Services) in CPS (Child Protective Services)....I can assure you that you are safe from the California CPS unless they have very different alien laws....since they too are mandated by the FEDS!

    Congrats on your year of blogging and we'll be here whether we're posting or not! Just don't except me to ever live up to your blogging standards.

  2. Do I count? I fall under a bunch of those categories: I have triplets, I don't know what to do with kids, I am a blogger, and I live in the US! That covers enough, right? I think it's funny when you run into someone who has read your blog. It's also scary! You have to go back and think if you have written anything that would offend those who live in the same city, lol!

    I can send CPS to your house when they are finished with me!

  3. congrats on one year! :)

    i love the pic.

  4. I love your blog Jen! You make me laugh! My family members are supreme lurkers on mine as well.

    I just had someone Google "rotten egg smell rotavirus" and got my blog. If you Google "red dye children" it will pull up my blog. How scary is that?????? Am I a doctor???? Is anything we read on the internet true??? LOL!

    I'm glad you started your blog! It's been great entertainment for me.

  5. MichelleinOR3/25/07, 11:11 PM

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. Please keep the good stories coming. I check in on you ever day. And my son has those same shades. They are SO cool.


  6. I love your blog. Ever since I found it in I believe, August. Keep it up, you're doing a great job, Jen!

  7. Loving your blog! Thanks for making me smile, laugh and sometimes cry before my morning coffee.
    Linda (Chicgo)

  8. First time comment, long time reader! Better add from Canada to your list, as that is where I am from.

    Happy Blog Anniversary!

  9. LOVE your blog!

    Cute shades :)

  10. One year of fun reading for me and I am so glad my name was not among the "missing". Miss the kids more each day and really think they should move to Greenville to be near NOni.

  11. Wow, has it really been a year already? Seems like just yesterday I saw your "me make blog" post over on BabySteps. :) I rarely comment, but very much look forward to your updates. My trio is almost the same age as yours was when you started so it's fun (and sometimes terrifying) to see what's in store for us! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us.


  12. Hi Jen! I'm not sure if I've ever commented on here before, but I wanted to let you know that your blog has blessed me greatly! Your stories of life & love & adventure with all 3 blessings has been so incredible to follow! When I read about your current pregnancy I actually cried out of joy for the miracle God has given you! Thank you for writing and for bringing an extra dose of joy and laughter to my day! Sorry for being such a lurker all this long!
    <>< Julie

  13. Happy Blog Anniversary! I have so enjoyed your blog - especially all the photos - they always speak volumes themselves.

  14. Congratulations on this fun milestone! I'm so glad to know your blog - it brightens my day adn always surprises and inspires me - your kids are not the only amazing people here. They've got a set of amazing parents!

  15. Jen
    I read your blog all the time and I love it! Its funny that you did the "future so bright, shades" post same week as I did!

    Also another point that I could relate to is that people who leave me comments arent my closest friends and family but they read my blog all the time. Thats pretty interesting!

    I love your stories and your cuties keep getting cuter.