Monday, March 05, 2007


Our beloved digital camera conked out on me Thursday.

After 3 years, 3 months, 7 days and 5,442 pictures ... I was attempting to take a photo of Elizabeth, looking like she was about to do something, while sitting on the potty chair. The camera made a horrible whirling noise when I tried to turn it on and an even worse coughing noise when I turned it off. After freaking out that I'd miss capturing my child's first evacuation in a potty chair, I anxiously shook the camera a few times and tried again.

That didn't help.

Neither did pounding it with the palm of my fist and saying aloud "COME-ON!"

Luckily, Elizabeth decided that she didn't want to use the potty chair for the purpose in which it was designed. She was perfectly content to sit and watch her mother sweat bullets and question why she doesn't also have a camera phone, or why her father forgot to charge the camcorder.

I may still be lucky enough to photograph Elizabeth's first void in something other than a diaper. I'm sure she'd be terribly disappointed, if I missed capturing that monumental event on film and would hold it against me in her teenage years.

When the camera still didn't work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday ... I begrudgingly made plans to go purchase a new camera, today. I mean ... I absolutely must have a dependable camera. This blog depends upon it.

This morning, the children were playing with bubbles in the yard. They were so adorable, I wished that I could take a few pictures. Figuring I'd give my camera one last try before I sacrificed it to a pack of toddlers as a bona fide electronic "toy" ... I said a little prayer to God.

"Dear God.
I really need a sign. If we are meant to stay in - or - leave this house ... please let my camera turn on."

And then, the camera turned on.

Although I was extremely grateful for the ability to take pictures, I'm not sure I understand the answer to my question. Doesn't it figure ... my hugely important plea to the Almighty One, completely lacks any specificity.

Still ... a miracle is a miracle. And our three children, with bubbles on their chins from trying to lick the wand, are proof of that.


  1. I don't know what I would do if my camera died. I guess buy a new one, but I would be lost without it even if it were for a short time.

    Glad its working again! Sorry that God didn't give a clear answer to moving or not :)

  2. I really enjoy this blog!

    Everyday I come by to see what is new and exciting in the land of amazing trips and everyday, you deliver something new and exciting. A fourth baby, a part-time job, mental breakdowns (that every mother goes through!), a possible move and three beautiful TODDLERS to boot.

    I don't know how you do it, but I hope you'll keep it up!!!!!!!!!

  3. We love bubbles, too!
    ps- I know I passed the test this time... yippeeeee!

  4. The bubble photos are TOO cute!

  5. Are you sure some triplet sabotage is not in play? I'm pretty glad that I don't have photographic evidence of MY first evacuation...Elizabeth may have called in a favor from one of her siblings to make sure that moment isn't immortalized. Your children are pretty smart, I'm sure memory cards and digital cameras are no big obstacle for them.