Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday Morning Mayhem

Five years ago, the day after our romantic wedding anniversary, Charlie had to be removed from our house by ambulance. He was hospitalized for almost a week and the doctors were prepared to do surgery for what everyone considered to be a ruptured disk in his lower spine. Thankfully, it wasn't a ruptured disk and surgery was not necessary. However, Charlie had to take up a daily regiment of exercises that would help to strengthen his back ... including, yoga.

We never really did figure out why his back went out on him five years ago. It has been one of those mysteries that has completely eluded us. Until today.

This morning, Charlie's back has gone out on him again. As I'm typing this ... he is laying on the couch behind me with a heating pad and loaded up on Vicodin. We were discussing how he may have thrown it out, and the only thing we can come up with is the house cleaning we did last night.

I think Charlie's ailing back is partly our minister's fault. If he hadn't given such a risqué sermon, I wouldn't have convinced Charlie that cleaning the house in our skivvies was a good idea. Instead of spending a leisurely morning at the zoo, I refereed stroller races around our kitchen, tried to keep the children from crawling all over their father ... and figured out how to upload a video to my blog. (What I've noticed is that it's best to let the entire video load before you try to watch it. Hit pause and let the red bar at the bottom fill in. Otherwise, the video is very choppy ... or at least it is on our computer!)

Poor Charlie. Poor William.

Sometimes it's better to stay away from the females in this household.


  1. Just when I think your blog cannot get ANY better. THIS IS CLASSIC and the video is priceless!!!!

    I hope Charlie is feeling better soon and you two are able to keep on cleaning. HAAAA!!!

  2. ahhh--

    i have to say amen to you r ministers sermon- With an MS in family science - There needs to be alot more "action" ot keep families/marriages going strong

  3. I hope Charlie feel better soon - for both your sakes!

  4. the video worked. too funny. just as i imagined...our life in triplicate.

  5. Sarah(a different one :) )10/8/06, 10:53 PM

    Oh my! I loved the video, not so much the breakout fight at the end. Eek!

  6. I loved the video. I really loved the part where Will stole the teddy bear. I think all triplets must be cloned and there's some sort of secret scientific experiment going on. Because that is EXACTLY how it happens over here! EXACTLY!

  7. I LOVE the video. It looks awfully familiar at my house (minus 1 though).

    I hope Charlie get better!

  8. Cute video, wish you kept it running -- would have loved to see how you handled that one!!!! ;-)
    Tell Charlie to hurry up and get better. I understand you may be heading home for T-day.
    Twins and Triplets! Sounds like a great holiday filled with lots of fun and excitement!

  9. Precious! When I picked up my kiddos from our church nursery yesterday the workers commented that they now knew I must spend all day being a referee. They just love getting a reaction out of each other.

  10. Ha, very funny video. Poor little guy.

    Hope your husband gets better soon.

  11. Hope your hubby's back gets better real soon.
    p.s. no fair, you stopped rolling the tape. i would have loved to see the hulk hogan slap down match :)

  12. I love seeing all those little people running around! We get the same scene with our twins, except Tim is more likely to take the whole stroller. And the screams . . .