Sunday, October 22, 2006

*** Interruption ***

I interrupt my pregnancy journey, the delivery of our triplets and the NICU experience due deal with a stomach flu that hit our house Friday night. William was the first victim, followed by Carolyn, today. I was a bit relieved to see that it wasn't limited to just William, because I was starting to get really concerned he might have a more serious issue the way he was clutching his tummy and crying "boo-boo!"

Thankfully, this appears to just be a virus.

We've got plastic pads on their cribs and everyone (even Elizabeth) has been restricted to a saltine and apple sauce diet. I've taken to wearing an extra shirt over whatever I happen to have on so I am not taking 5 showers a day, and after spot cleaning several places on our carpet - I've taken to carrying a plastic bowl wherever we go.

Fortunately, neither Charlie nor I have any symptoms of this bug so we've been able to take care of the kids. My mother left yesterday morning at 3:30 AM and when I spoke to her today, I said I don't know if she left too early - or in the nick of time. Boy, I wish she were still here.

I will resume my previous scheduled posting once this virus is past...


  1. poppa and Kathleen10/22/06, 5:02 PM

    Dear Jen and Charlie:

    Kathleen is sending Reiki to the children and you both....right now.
    It's so hard to see our children (no matter what age) suffer.
    Much love,
    Dad and Kathleen

  2. Oh those poor little darlings, I hope it is one of those quick clearing up bugs.