Saturday, May 31, 2014

the tank

For as long as I can remember, William has been infatuated with all things military-related.


This year in school, his best friend's father is a Colonel (former fighter jet pilot) in the Marines who now works at the White House.  Suffice it to say, with a best friend who is surrounded and obsessed with the military, William's fascination has been escalated to a whole new level.  This was a picture of my little soldier this afternoon.


He's standing next to a tank that he constructed out of a cardboard box that he wears over him as he drives his little John Deere tractor around the yard.


Our neighbor stopped and was staring at the box driving around our yard, until I yelled, "It's his tank!"  and they smiled, nodded their head as if to say, "Well, OF COURSE it's a tank!" and drove on. William was slightly embarrassed that they stopped to talk with him, because as he said, "The tank doesn't really look like a tank, it looks like a cardboard box and it's not totally bullet proof."


But what the neighbor's don't know is that he printed out actual pictures from the internet of what a tank looks inside and those are glued around the inside of his box. So even if it doesn't look like a tank on the outside, it sure does look like a tank on the inside.


Even though we live on a very quiet cul-de-sac, the rule is he cannot go in to the road without a spotter because his peripheral vision isn't very good and he needs to be able to see cars.


His tank is equipped with a walkie talkie so he can radio back to base.


He's planning to add a turret, tomorrow. He just needs to find another box and tape together some wrapping paper and paper towel tubes.  Then he wants to paint the whole thing camouflage.


So long as we have cardboard and duct tape - we have hours of adventure!