Tuesday, May 06, 2014

the better to see you with, my dear

We've been back from Spring Break for two weeks now, but as soon as we touched down on Virginia soil, we've been in "GO" mode.


The day after we returned home, I took all four children to the office with me for our annual, "Take Your Child To Work Day." I'll post pictures of that event, soon ... along with the pictures from last year's annual "Take Your Child To Work Day" because it appears that I've forgotten to post any photos or commentary of that event.

The day after "Take Your Child To Work Day" Charlie and I accompanied our third graders to school (a la "Take Your Parents To School Day") where we presented our groundwater model and discussed with the children the joy of hydrogeology and subsurface contamination.  A great time was had by all and I'll soon post pictures and commentary from that event, too. Hopefully, before the children are 12 which is essentially tomorrow at the speed with which time is clipping past.

Back in the day when our children would nap every afternoon and I mistakenly thought I was "really busy" but could still find an hour or two to unload my thoughts in to the computer ... I was a disciplined blogger.  Now I just muddle through random photos when I have a spare moment, and try to cobble together and post stories so I don't forget.

Tonight, as I was scrolling through photos from our trip to Florida, I was reminded of an afternoon when we had just returned from the beach.  We were preparing to give the children showers to wash away the salt, sand, chlorine and sunscreen from the day ... before we converged with Mom and Jim for our nightly sunset viewing and dinner ritual.   Our condominium overlooked the beautiful ocean, and our girls were standing on the patio awaiting their turns in the shower, watching a few people who were still on the beach, soaking up the last hour of daylight.

Soon everyone had left the beach, except for a young couple in their late teens or early twenties who were clearly In Love.


She was in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini, he was in a pair of swim trunks. They were running around, playfully chasing each other, before collapsing in to one another's arms.  In the brief moment I was looking down at the beach, I witnessed a passionate embrace and long drawn out kiss.   Our girls, who were watching this scene unfold, came totally unglued.  Elizabeth said, "OH GROSS!!" while Carolyn gasped, "Can you see what they are doing down there? Oh my gosh, that is so DISGUSTING!"


She tried to feign repugnance, but that was difficult to do when in the same breath, she looked at me and demanded, "Mom, Quick! Where are the binoculars?!" 

I don't know if the lovebirds saw the children's googly eyes staring at them through the binoculars, or if they heard my uproarious laughter at my daughter's response.  Either way (or a combination of the two), they recognized that they'd developed an audience, and quickly ran out of sight, holding hands.

Gross, indeed!