Monday, January 20, 2014

charlie's mini me

Today during a delay at the airport, as I was awaiting my flight to Canada where it is currently -10 degrees below zero and tomorrow I'll need to be outside in this weather and the high is expected to be -18 degrees below zero, I decided to try and keep my mind off the imminent frostbite I'll surely endure and instead, scroll through the 2,000+ photos on my iPhone I've clicked off over the past year.   There are a lot of gems that I hope to one day share, but for day, I'm remembering a fundraising event we had attended for a local food shelter this past Fall.  It was a carnival style setup, and there was a face painter. All of the children stood in line to have their faces painted.  This sparkly butterfly really brought out the blue in Carolyn's beautiful eyes...


When it was Henry's turn, he said that he wanted to look just like his Dad.


He even had them add white in to the corners of his black goatee.