Friday, November 01, 2013

two important things...

I neglected updating my blog on the night of the Red Sox World Series win, because I had just flown in from a business trip to Texas and I was zonked.


And then, of course, last night was Halloween. So today, there are two things that I need to state for the record:

1. Woot, Woot ... Yay Boston!!!  


Our family is beyond thrilled at the most recent victory. This win, at home in Fenway, was awesome, amazing, spectacular. And it offered a certain amount of healing for the city, since it fell on the heels of the senseless tragedy that occurred this past April.


Of course, it feels like I should have a newborn in my arms (or three...) seeing as I've had newborns in my arms every other year the Red Sox have won the World Champion title (2004 and 2007).


Although, we did adopt two new baby fish this month!

2. Happy 9th Birthday Shayna Beth Marie!!! 

Shayna is otherwise identified as second from the left baby in the picture below ... or two to the left from a screaming William.  If I recall correctly, this was before we realized that he was lactose intolerant and I had to cut all dairy from my nursing diet.  Also, I was horrified that while Shayna, a full-term baby never spit up - our reflexy infants were projectile vomiting all over everything.  Including Shayna's sweet pants and socks seconds after this photo was snapped.


We hope that this year, before we all turn 10, we'll finally see you again!

(I promise, that reflex issue has finally calmed down.)