Monday, November 11, 2013

a salute to all of our veterans

The children had a Veteran's assembly at school today, and various parents who have served (or are serving) for the military, were invited to attend and wear their uniforms. The experience made quite an impact on William, especially, who came home and immediately put on his garb.


He also mended his cracked rainbow laser, which he repaired with tape.


On his own volition, he asked me to walk around the neighborhood with him, so he could personally thank all of our neighbors that he knows served in the military.


Taking a brief break every now and then to take cover and ensure the area was safe before proceeding to the next outpost. Er, house. 


He then came home and called to thank Jim, who was a blimp pilot in World War II.


And he called my Dad, who served as a radio-operator in the Navy.


And he called my brother, Frank, who served in the Marines.


If I'd had their telephone numbers, he also would have called his great Uncle Bob, who served in the Army during Korea. And his great Uncle Ray, who served in the Air Force during Korea. And his great Uncle Bernie, who served in Guadalcanal with the US Marine Corps, as the youngest Sergeant Major in USMC history.


Meanwhile, the girls decided they'd had enough of the military stuff, and took their painting supplies to the backyard, and while perched in our newly constructed fort, painted the changing landscape.


Every single day, these children make me smile...


And I give my most sincere thanks for the privilege of being their mom.