Monday, September 16, 2013

two weeks in

So this is the letter that Elizabeth's teacher sent home with her on Friday afternoon...


When I showed it to Henry, I said, "See, THESE are the kind of letters that I want to see coming home with you, too. Now tell me, did you have any trouble at school, today?"

He looked at me and very seriously said, "Well, the teacher did make me sit in the time out chair once." Then he scratched his head for a moment and clarified, "Um, you better make that twice." 

Yes indeed, children are unique. And I suspect with Henry, I'm in for a ride

While at church on Saturday night, the children were asked to draw a picture of a situation that caused them to be fearful that they overcame with courage. Elizabeth chose to recreate the scene she'd experienced at the gym, earlier in the week, when she confronted the bullies who were teasing her brother.  I love how she is standing in front of a tearfully forlorn William, blocking the balls that are being thrown at him, with a bubble above her head that reads, "What am I doing" followed by seven (7!) question marks - because this is clearly not at all where she expected to be.


I also love the Eskimo kiss she is giving a tearfully grateful William once her demonstration of great courage warded off her brother's tormentors. 


These children are so lucky to have one another .... and I'm so lucky to have them. 

Even if they are responsible for me being on a first name basis with the Principal.