Tuesday, September 03, 2013

a big moment

This morning, we packed lunches for three third graders (who for the first time in their school career - will be in separate classrooms), and one very excited kindergartner.


Watching my littlest love climb on to the school bus with the big kids was a bit more emotional for me than I expected...


The bus never got out of my sight, though, because we followed it to school toting our children's backpacks which were so laden down with school supplies they couldn't even carry them.


Because we were away on vacation, we missed the school's "open house" last week and therefore, the opportunity to drop of the 70 pounds of school supplies (including but not limited to 50 glue sticks, four Fiskar scissors, 15 marble composition notebooks, 200 pre-sharpened Ticonderoga #2 pencils and assortment of antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers) that they require.


When the children climbed off the bus, the first one they saw was me, offering them a plea that was reminiscent of Nemo's Dad, Marlin, that maybe they're not ready yet and they'd like to stay home with me for another year or two?


But my sentiments were drowned out in their laughter and excitement at seeing friends again, and all the awesomeness that comes with starting a new school year.

Charlie and I dropped off their supplies, enjoyed a PTA breakfast, and on the drive home, offered up prayers that our children do their best, are kind to others, and stay safe.

Now, I need to go check my eye. I swear I've had something stuck in it all morning.


  1. I was chopping onions all morning!!! WAHHHHHH!!!

  2. When did Henry get so big?!

    Enjoy the three separate classes (she said sarcastically)...a word of advice when they get to middle school ask for them to have as many of the same teachers as possible...keeping track of 13+ teachers last year was a hassle (and I only have twins).

  3. Happy New School Year.....may you be blessed with minimal homework projects; lots of great books to read with the kiddos; and some lunch date opportunities with your hubby. :)

  4. awww, your baby started kindergarten. cry for as long as you want....