Tuesday, March 05, 2013

winter storm advisory (aka: music to our ears)

After another mild winter, we thought our chances of snow this year were nil. Especially since the temperatures have been steadily climbing and the daffodils are starting to pop up.


But apparently, at this very moment, there is a storm bearing down on the east coast and according to news reports, tomorrow we will see an accumulation of 4-8 inches of snow in these parts.


By the weekend, however, the temperatures are expected to be in the high 50's so whatever snow falls most likely won't stick around for long.


In anticipation of this great event, the children have crafted "LET IT SNOW!" fliers that they hung all around the house, tonight.


They also flushed ice cubes down the toilet and went to bed wearing their pajamas backwards.  (These specific activities have been shown to raise the odds of snow in certain superstitious circles.)


They're pretty excited.


But not nearly as excited as Charlie and I. We're planning to wear our snowsuits to bed so that in the morning when we wake up and see a world of white, we won't waste any precious time getting outside.


So, anyway. No pressure, Mother Nature. Although, if you could help the weather channel get this one right, that would be super swell.  They're starting to lose a bit of credibility.


  1. We got at least 8 inches(have not heard the latest update) today in western Wisconsin and we are sending it your way. Get ready for beautiful big flakes ........ wet and heavy snow! We've had enough here in the midwest for this year and I am so over it!! I want it to be done and the sun to shine! Hope the kids get a snow day!!

    1. Dawn - they were HUGE flakes and the snow was SLUSH. But it was fantastic, all the same. I was feeling ready for spring - until that storm and now I want another one! Or ten!!!

  2. Love the increasing the odds of snowfall superstitions. From friends posts on fb in the NoVA area, I think you're in luck.

    Enjoy your snow day :).

    Amy F.

  3. duh.....I wondered why some other friends in Virginia were flushing ice cubes too. Learn something new every day :)