Saturday, March 02, 2013


One day a week, the children participate in their school's "Chess Club." For one hour, they play with their peers and receive instruction from a Chess Master.  Suffice it to say, the kids have become quite good.  This little one has been at the very top of the second grade Chess Ladder for the past several weeks....


And in this photo, she has just schooled her father.


  1. Gah. Not sure my last comment went through. Not logged in appropriately.

    Anyways, saw this article and thought of you. I know it has nothing to do with chess, but I don't have any other way of getting it to you.

    1. HA! That is great .... Vermont is in the top 5 and Charlie was recruited from a company in Utah, should we ever consider moving back west. It's good to know that state is in the top five, too. I love reading those articles and day dreaming about the endless possibilities!!

  2. Jen, I'm right there with you! Love knowing what's out there! N and I have a ski trip (on my amazingly gracious in-laws!) every year AND a week (or two!) long trip to their beach house on the coast every year. And every SINGLE trip, we have this road trip discussion on "What could we do to sustain ourselves in that community?" We LOVE the outdoors! We love hiking, beaching, skiing, anything out in Mother Nature, we love; we crave! But we live in Dallas. One of the fattest cities, one of the least outdoorsy areas, one of the least ecologically aware communities. Everything is OPPOSITE of our passions. SO we've always dreamed of those same possibilities somewhere else in our country and just visit them.


    This past ski trip, we asked ourselves, "Why is this just a dream? What are the possibilities? Why do some people actually DO it and others just take vacations there?" So we're processing right now about that. What is keeping us from just putting a plan in place and executing it? Fear has a lot to do with it, but a serious lack of vision is just as big. Anyways, all that to say, you inspire me and remind me that I don't have to just dream about it. I can put an action into place and actually do it if I wanted. Thank you for that! ;-)