Friday, February 22, 2013

recovery and preparation

It's amazing how much quieter the house is with this one little guy out of commission...


We've concluded it's too quiet and we're all ready for him to feel better.  Whilst also hoping the rest of us don't drop like flies. Today Charlie went shopping for saltines, Jell-O, popsicles, Gatorade and all the necessary components of the BRAT (bananas, apple sauce, rice, toast) diet.  We're now prepared for the stomach flu apocalypse, should it strike.


  1. Hope Henry feels better soon and that the stomach bug does not sweep through the entire population of your home.

    I love the large fabric hospital chux idea. If it works for health care providers, why not use it at home?

    Amy F.

    1. The hospital pads are AWESOME. I need to do a Favorite Thing Friday post on them because we use them all. the. time. They are under children to protect sheets from nighttime leaks, and under sheets to protect waterproof mattress pads during bedwetting. Not that waterproof mattress pads need protection - but they are one less thing to wash! They are used when we have the flu and in cars when we go on road trips.

      All this to say:


  2. I hope to the highest clouds that you do not experience the "a-popsicle-calypse". Here's to a weekend of cheerfulness and afebrile children.

    1. Lynda: The a-popsicle-calypse hit us harder than we've ever been hit before. But for the past few days, we're so darn happy that we're still alive - it's like we've been given a whole new lease on life. So that's a good thing!! :)