Thursday, February 07, 2013

i'm a canadian, eh!

If given the option of living in the mountains or living on the coast, I think I'd take the mountains.


While I really do love the beach and all that comes with it ... I love the mountains perhaps a tiny bit more.  Whenever I day dream about packing up and moving away somewhere, that somewhere is always in the mountains. We'd be nestled in a cabin, surrounded by woods. There would be a huge stone fireplace with a roaring fire. The kids would be upstairs in a loft, snug in their knobby pinewood bunk beds with soft flannel sheets. Outside, there would be a barn which would be necessary for our horses and sheep - to protect them from the foot or more of snow on the ground.


What makes winter difficult around these parts is when it's cold and gray and there is no snow. The temperatures hover at or below freezing until precipitation shows up and then the temperatures cruely rise to slightly just above freezing.

Our poor sleds? They've had no action this year.

And what's really sad is that the people who seemingly don't want the snow are getting it, constantly. Once again, a huge storm is barely missing us and nailing the states to the north. A blizzard which could dump up to THREE FEET of snow is expected to pummel Massachusetts on Saturday morning.

It is anticipated that this storm, Nemo, could precipitate more snow than the blizzard of 1978 which I remember because for once ... I was there. 


If it wasn't for the Pinewood Derby on Saturday and a birthday party Sunday afternoon - our family would be in Massachusetts this weekend. If we left by noon tomorrow, I calculate we could be there before the first flake of snow hit the ground. But even if we were there after the first flake of snow hit the ground ... that wouldn't stop us.  Because I've been known to convince my family to do insane things like follow a snow plow up the New Jersey turnpike the day after Christmas so I could take on Suicide Hill with eight children.

Don't you try to ignore me, snow.

Because I will get all up in your flakes. 

Charlie says I'm insane.  He tells me that I'd last for a week in the snow and then I'd moan that it is rotten and awful and I hate it and why did we ever leave San Diego?!  He's probably right because the guy knows me so very well.  But, after our awfully awesome ski trip last week, Charlie has also been thinking about living someplace we could accomplish our dream of having season passes for downhill skiing.  Right about the same time my husband confided that maybe he could see moving to somewhere it snows, Sonja left me a comment introducing me to Mont Tremblant in Quebec and oh my sweet heavenly maple syrup.

Now that's what I'm talking aboot!


Since I work with several Canadians expats in my office, and they've told me how I'd love it in Canada, especially once I got past the winter that spans from September through May, Charlie decided to look in to becoming a Canadian citizen again.  But wait! As it turns out - he is still a Canadian citizen and he can file for citizenship for our children - and after three years, I'd become a Canadian citizen, too!  If we lived in Canada, we could ski almost every day because I hear the snow never really melts!

Also, I love to knit and I have a fantastic pair of Sorels.

And this hat?


This hat NEEDS Canada.

(And maybe a leash.)


  1. Yep! We get the cold and no moisture! It's killing us here because our expectations were so high! OK, my expectations were so high. We have a perfect street for sledding, plus new sleds from the Jewish Santa, but no snow. It just won't stick... We did have ice this morning, but that's no fun because I looked like SoCal spaz walking through the parking lot!

  2. The Jewish Santa? Oy Vey, Lorie. OY VEY. Did this all start with you eating that ham?? If so, please don't tell me. My Catholic guilt couldn't take it.

    When are you coming to visit? Make it soon!! Our days here might be numbered....!