Tuesday, May 01, 2012

sugar and spice vs. worms and snails

A few weeks ago, the children came home from school with an assignment that they had completed. Their teacher had read them a book about an "enchanted tree" and they were responsible for drawing a picture to illustrate the story.  

This is our daughter's picture:


She's used a lot of bright, pretty colors. There is either fruit or perhaps some kind of purple flower growing in the tree. She has drawn a little house, with well lit windows and a ladder leading to the door. And from the sturdy branch, she has suspended a swing with a smiling little girl, happily perched. 

This is our son's picture: 


It is sketched in pencil and is devoid of all color, except graphite gray. There is a bat flying around the sky with what appears to be a dinosaur coming in for the kill from the right side of the page. An alien has fallen from the branches and looks to be dead.  His Herry Pottr tree (probably much like a Whomping Willow) is perched on an island, surrounded by water (aka: wottr) and although it's not visible, there is also a BIG beast that lives in the waters. 

Last week, the children had a Book Fair at their school. All the children purchased posters which they brought home and promptly hung up in their rooms. 

This is the poster that our daughter brought home. 


And this is the poster that our son brought home. 

I think Thor's going after the guy who took his Twinkie... 


If you haven't read this book before, please go check it out. It is one of our children's favorites and this is what it's like at our house, every day. 


Girly girls and boyish boys. 

For anyone who might be opposed to allowing their children to dress up in whatever it is that they want to wear for fear they are tampering with their "orientation", I believe it is now safe to say with 100% certainty ....  


Gender confusion is a myth.