Thursday, May 03, 2012

conversations with seven-year-olds

Charlie and I are having a difficult time deciphering fact from fiction with our children, these days.


Sometimes, I think that they themselves are having a difficult time trying to figure out what they might have dreamed and what is reality. Take for example, earlier this week, a truck was backing down the road in our neighborhood and struck a tree.  Several branches fell off the tree and took out the above ground power lines, which effectively took out the power to our neighborhood.

That's a true story. 

But when the children were relaying this to me, they went in to great detail about the driver who flew out of the cab and landed on HIS HEAD when the TRUCK EXPLODED. They had such passion, such conviction in their voices. The ambulance and fire trucks came in to the neighborhood with the lights flashing and sirens blaring.  I was stunned. Wow. Really?

The kids all looked at each other and nodded.

Yes. Absolutely. 

I went to find my husband and asked if he knew any more about this and when I told him what the children had told me, he chuckled. Yes, it's true the lines came down and there were firetrucks racing in to the neighborhood. But the man, who caused the accident and whom Charlie actually spoke to, was perfectly fine.  In fact, he was feeling smart and very lucky to be alive, seeing as the energized lines fell on his truck. Thankfully, he knew to stay inside and use his cell phone to call for help.

I'd like to interject here that if you ever find yourselves in a situation where there are downed power lines, stay BACK. And if those lines fall on your car, stay in your vehicle until help arrives. The car is grounded, so you - being in the car, are grounded too.  But if you were to get out and touch the frame of the car, which is energized, you would complete the circuit and be toast. Literally.  I'd also like to interject here that this situation was a very good reminder for me, because even though I know better, my first instinct would undoubtedly be to jump out of the car and run away as fast as I could.   Which is exactly what I'd do. And I'd be toast. Literally.

Today, the children were telling me that one of their classmate's fathers is in the hospital. Apparently, he had to have surgery and he is in very bad shape. Tomorrow, the whole class will be making him THANK YOU cards. Which I think they meant to say, "get well cards." Nonetheless, I'm sure that there is some truth in this story, since it was corroborated across all three.  But when I asked what had happened to the father that required the surgery, they immediately launched in to something about his ear.  Carolyn said that there was a bird involved. And William added that he was laying on the ground and a bird flew overhead and dropped a worm with rocks on it. RIGHT IN TO HIS EAR. So now, he's in the hospital and he'll be receiving get well wishes from first graders that might include illustrations of birds and worms. And his ear. And he might be confused?

I sure am.

Tomorrow, I'll call the teacher and get the scoop.  I'm guessing it's maybe kidney stones?

Tonight, I overheard one of the children telling our neighbor that they once had a band-aid on their leg for two years. When I interrupted their conversation and asked, "Really? Are you sure about that?" They eagerly nodded. "Yes! I once had on a band-aid on for two years. I mean, TWO MONTHS."

Our children are still mastering the concept of time, so I thought I'd just help them out a little. So I gave them a loving smile and said, "I'm not so sure about that, honey. That's a really long time to wear a band-aid. I think I would have remembered if you'd worn one for two months..."  That's when my sweet child looked up at me and with a not so sweet expression very knowingly said, "Well, that's because it happened before you were born, MOM."

Oh. Right!

Of course I wouldn't remember that.


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