Friday, March 02, 2012

the path (vii)

Hi Dad, it's me Jen!

H-h-h-h… hi … J-j-j-jen … ny. H-h-h-h … how … are …y-y-you?

I'm great, how are you doing?

Well, I-I-I'm g-g-goo…d. I-I-I … was just th… thin… king of call… call … calling you.

Well, my telepathic phone must have been on the hook! Hey Dad, Charlie and I are sitting here drinking a bottle of red wine and we just came up with an amazing idea. Are you ready for it?

S-s-s-sure. I… I … I … th … th … think so.

OK, so we're thinking that we're going to sell off everything and buy a boat. We're thinking that life is way the hell too short and we just want to detach from the rat race and live a bit.

T-th-th-that's g-g-good th-th-think-ing, thinking, kid.

So we'll get a boat that's big enough to hold the family and we'll cruise up and down the intracoastal waterway. You know, of all the regrets in my life, that's one of the biggest: that I never went with you, on your boat, when you would take it from Massachusetts to Florida every year. But then again, you never invited me… DAD.

Th-th-that … th-th-that … that's a sh … sh … shame.

You know, it really is. But I think it would be an AMAZING thing to do. We could go during the summer, or during the school year, or whenever. If the boat was big enough, I'd just teach the kids on it. I mean, think of the life experiences our children would have if they were living on a boat, traveling the world by waterway? So, here's my question, how much did you sell your 50-foot boat for and if you were in the market TODAY, what kind of boat would you get?

Well, let's s … s… see. I sold the boat for a couple hundred thou. But … but … if I was in the market today, I'd never buy a wooden boat again. It was an absolute pain in the ass to take care of. Today I'd get a nice fiberglass boat. The economy's down so you could probably get one for a steal.

So, you'd get a motor yacht again?


What about a sailboat?

No way. They're too much work.

Yes, but they're good exercise...

Yeah, for someone OTHER than me.

But you can just go wherever the wind moves you…

I like PETRO to move me wherever I want. *Snort.*

Yeah, but Dad, we'd be doing this thing totally budget. We'd be trying to live off of $50K or less per year.

Well, then you definitely need to go to Argentina. The cost of living in South America is fantastic and the people are great. The food is pretty good and the scenery is beautiful.

So, do you think you'd want to come with us?


You bet, Dad. You could help navigate and hold the fenders.

Great. I'll start packing my bags, now!

Hey Dad, you know what's incredible? When I first called you, you were stammering and having a difficult time talking. But once we start talking about boats and money, you have no trouble at all. This is the best I've heard you in a while. You really sound wonderful.

It's a damned miracle isn't it?

Yep, it sure is.

Hey, it's really nice to hear your voice.

It's really nice to hear your voice, too. I love you, Dad. See you soon.

I love you, too kiddo.