Saturday, March 24, 2012

he means business

For a while now, Henry has been very vocal about the fact that when he grows up, he's going to marry me.

He'll often sweetly ask, while gazing at me with those big beautiful blue eyes, "Mama, when I'm a big boy - will you mawwy me?"


"Can we get mawwied?"

"Of course we can!" I'll tell him. I try to suppress a smile, but it's impossible when the sweetness overtakes me and I feel an intense maternal love for this little boy surge through my whole body. When he hears my response, he'll look at Charlie and give him a smug smile.

"Mama and me? We gonna get MAWWIED!"

Earlier this week, when I was opening my dresser for some pajamas, I noticed that Henry had moved almost all of his pajamas in to my drawer. "What are these doing here?" I asked my husband. He shrugged.

Over the course of the next few days, I noticed that Henry moved in his socks, underwear and shirts in to our room. I also noticed that he was moving items from Charlie's closet, like my husband's shoes, down by the furnace.

Yesterday, Charlie was talking on the phone to a friend of ours, and when Charlie mentioned something about his wife, Henry interrupted, "She's not YOUR wife, Daddy. SHE'S MY WIFE. She's MY sweetie!!!"

Today, I found that his little purple tooth brush was next to mine and his teddy bear, Climby, was perched on my pillow. "Henry, what's all this about?" I asked.


"I'm moving in," he said. "When we get mawwied, I'm sleepin' with you, Mama."

"But what about Daddy?" I asked.

He gave it a moment of thought before responding, "He can sleep in my bed. Or somewhere outside..."