Sunday, September 19, 2010

bike fever

The children have reached an age where if they want something to eat, they'll pretty much help themselves. Despite my pleas and protests. And empty threats of bodily harm if they walk away and leave the refrigerator door open ONE MORE TIME.

So this morning, when I woke to the sound of rustling in the kitchen, I knew before I even stepped foot in the room, that the children had made themselves breakfast. What I wasn't expecting, however, is that they also would have gotten themselves completely dressed and "outfitted" for the day. Did I mention that they ditched their training wheels yesterday?


If I hadn't tucked them in last night and seen first hand that they were indeed wearing pajamas, I might have thought they wore their helmets to bed.

Today, they honed their bicycling skills. And what I discovered is that stopping and steering are not natural reflexes. These are skills, when on a bicycle sans training wheels, take some time to polish. The other thing I learned is that when kids crash, it is automatically YOUR (as in not their) fault. So when I would give them a gentle push to start, and 30-feet later they would crash in to a tree, they would turn around and blame ME.

"MOM! You pushed me in to that TREE!"


Right. Like *I* had something to do with an 80-foot tree appearing out of thin air, directly in their path?

After many tears and much blaming, my agile husband hopped on a bike and showed the kids how to both stop AND avoid towering conifers.


Whenever I saw him doing laps on our driveway, I felt like I should be waving an American Flag at a Fourth of July Parade.


He totally reminds me of a Shriner.


Charlie. Dude. Please don't hurt yourself.

You've still got 1,500 square feet of wallpaper to remove.


  1. Okay, seriously, is that your DRIVEWAY??

    Because I was thinking you were in a frickin' PARK!

    You must have picked the most amazing property ever, I am not even KIDDING!

  2. The Halvey's ditched their training wheels, too. And Dad also climbed on a tiny bike and sped about. It must be a guy thing. I felt no such compulsion.

    And by the way, it IS your fault if they crash into a tree. Don't argue with them. Don't argue with me. That's just how it is, Mom.

    Which is why I took the boys to a very big open field. I already knew the law about trees, bikes, and moms.

  3. Love, love, love, love the BoSox cap! (Is he as good at b-ball as he is at biking? We may need to sign him to finish out our season.)

  4. My image of Charlie is forever tarnished......socks with Tevas = no, no, no, no!

  5. Please tell me the wall paper wasn't put directly on the sheet rock.


    My thumbs still haven't recovered from a horrible experience a few years ago.

  6. Katie: Charlie is an awesome baseball player. I think he might have missed a true calling in life.

    Joy: I KNOW. TELL ME ABOUT IT. Although, I do give myself a tremendous amount of credit for finally convincing him that white socks DO NOT go with trousers. Maybe now that he'll *hear* someone else commenting about ankle socks with Tevas, he'll STOP. For the record: I do believe that socks with Tevas are sometimes OK, but ONLY if they are of the WOOL variety and it's AFTER you've been hiking and it's COLD.

    Non-Mommy: It was put directly on sheet rock. I might never be able to feel my hands, again.

  7. Do pinch yourself everyday because THAT is your driveway? See how fast they learned to ride a bike with a DRIVEWAY?! Now you know why Auatin was riding when he was four. The driveway, man.

    Let me know how the plowing thing works for you.