Tuesday, August 25, 2009

positive self esteem = not an issue here

A few days ago, I was getting the children dressed for bed, following their evening bath.

Carolyn was the last one out of the tub and while I was helping her in to pajamas, she was gazing in to the full length mirror, just over my shoulder. As I was pulling on her pant legs, she sighed in to my ear, "You are so beautiful. I love you SO much..."

Obviously, I assumed that she was talking to me - seeing as I was the only one in the room.

But when I responded to my four-year-old daughter, "I think you are beautiful and I love YOU, too!" She shushed me and said in a tone that sounded quite unlike any four-year-old I've ever heard, "MOM, I'm not talking to YOU. I'm talking to the girl in the MIRROR."

Then she sighed and rolled her eyes.

It took a lot of restraint for me not to say, "You roll your eyes at me again and I'll roll you straight across this floor!!"

Hello!! This is four? I suspect the teenage years are going to be paved with lollipops and roses. And maybe if I'm lucky - a weekend furlough.

For me.


  1. Ohhh she is so going to be that teenager that hogs the bathroom and takes HOURS getting herself ready. You'll be on the receiving end of the shouting serenade of William and Elizabeth: "MOOOOM! CAROLYN WON'T LEAVE THE BATHROOM! IT'S MY TURRRRN!"

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHA. If you were Amanda's mother, you would be in an insane asylum already. She will stare at herself in the mirror for an hour. Or she'll tell me that what I'm wearing is inappropriate and frumpy. Or that a necklace would help. That's when she can tear her gaze away from herself!

  3. This is 4 and I am so looking forward to 5...

  4. Hey, it's great that she has great self esteem. That'll be important especially when she's a teen! Although preferably without the eye roll.

    A couple months ago, a neighbor told my daughter that she was very pretty. My two year old said, "I know." You can get away with that at two and people think it's cute. ;-)