Saturday, August 29, 2009

heat wave

Southern California is in the midst of a heat wave. So today, while Charlie was out washing the cars in our driveway, the children - entirely on their own - decided to set up their very first lemonade stand.

Elizabeth was in charge of the cash register, William was in charge of quality assurance / quality control for the actual product (in this case - lemonade that he was drinking straight from the pitcher) ...

And Carolyn was responsible for filling up the cups.

They were charging $0.29 a cup.

How they came up with this price, I do not know.

Unfortunately, they didn't receive any customers, except for me. But I suspect that their location in the garage, obscured their sales booth from any potential customers that might be walking down the street.

Right. I'm sure that "no sales" were due solely to their poor visibility...

And had nothing to do with the soggy, crushed, torn and sipped-upon cups of ice cold lemonade, that had been dipped out of the pitcher by hand.

Mmmmm. TASTY!

Here is William in his self described, "Lemonade-Selling Uniform."

Which could also be referred to as his "Baby Brother's 2T overalls."

(I think we might need to work on improving our marketing strategy.)


  1. How fun selling lemonade! Too bad they didn't get anyone buying it (except for you!). Great pictures!

  2. Aw, man, now I'll feel like a biter: I was planning to do a Triplet Lemonade Stand with MY kids. Now all the neighbors will call me a copy cat.

  3. My mom taught me to always buy lemonade from children - but warned me never to actually drink it.

  4. The 'lemonade selling uniform' looks a lot like a giant wedgie ;~)

  5. I remember selling lemonade on Walnut St with your sisters - we got tons of foot traffic coming up and over that big hill and some pretty good profits! I'm glad to see some things never change!

  6. Hope that the fires arent close to you and hope ur not being effected by it. hope everything is going great with you guys.

  7. William sure likes everyone else's clothes.. perhaps a fashion designer in the making? I always check out the photos just to see what he is wearing next.. much like my house, your guess is as good as mine as to the whimsy of a child :-)