Thursday, November 20, 2008

wednesday weigh in

Charlie has been out of town for the past four days. Although there have been some crazy times, like when Henry wouldn't stop crying for three days straight and had an average temperature of 102 degrees ... and when the toilet in our bathroom overflowed moments after the kitchen cabinet fell of it's hinges and I had to dig out a plunger and a screwdriver to complete repairs while also trying to supervise children who get in to things ... this has been a really fun week.

I love being with these kids.

Even when I set up a paint station and less than two minutes in to it, the baby (who I hadn't planned on having paint but who climbed up in his chair and clearly wanted to participate) smartly mixes yellow and blue for green.

And instantly transforms himself in to a little Hulk.

And one of my children who was given specific instructions to go rinse off her hands in the sink, decided instead to give her brother's FAVORITE TOY a bath. So now Buzz Lightyear sounds like Little Bo Peep meets E.T., because oddly enough, battery operated toys don't fare too well when submerged in water.

My schedule this week has been so full that I've really had no time to myself. When I'm not holding a crying baby - I'm cleaning up - or driving to or from school - or taking the children to gymnastics or swimming or on a bus trip to an outing - or cooking - or visiting the Pediatrician - or grocery shopping - or researching various preschools - or writing 26 thank you notes. Which should have been written a month ago, but I only recently was able to sneak out and buy the $0.01 stamps that were necessary to bump the $0.41 stamps I have on hand up to the requisite $0.42 postage value.

Am I the only one that no sooner buys a big roll of stamps and the very next day, the postage rate changes? I'm telling you ... it happens to me all the time.

The only reason I was able to unload my thoughts twice today on my blog was because Henry was sound asleep on my lap and to move him would be to wake him and considering my poor baby has been unable to sleep or eat all week ... I wasn't going to even bother risking a transfer to his crib.

Even though I have a 5K run I'm supposed to participate in next week for a local homeless shelter , I haven't done any running this week. I have done my Yoga tape twice and before Charlie left on his trip, I went for a few early morning power walks with my neighbor. But since my husband has been gone, I haven't really done anything aerobic.

Well, except DASH to the grocery store with four children in tow when I heard that a carton of Dreyer's ice cream was on sale for $4.00.

Yes, I know that the hypocrisy continues.

But enough about me.

How are you doing with your goals?


  1. I order my stamps online. I hate going to the post office. It is a wonderful thing!

  2. I'm glad you've still got your sanity! That's a great buy! ;-) Up to running 6 miles!! (w/o stopping) Whohoo!! Good luck on Saturday; sounds fun!

    Love, Marg

    PS glad to hear Henry's feeling better.

  3. Next time buy the forever stamps, thats what I started doing and love it. You don't have to ever worry about a cost increase. Sounds like you have had quite the workout this week but sounds like you have survived and Charlie should be home soon.

    My goals...Glad to say I have never heard of Dreyers ice cream. I have exercised every day except Sunday and feel really good. I've got my shuffle going and have to say it does inspire!!! I have not weighed this week yet so I don't know about the pounds but at least I feel better.

  4. Seriously what is with the 3 day fever? Jack is on his second week with on and off fevers with the last three days being only on. I have to drag all of them to the doctor because now I am afraid its more than originally though. Stinkin' sicknesses.

    Good for you running! Thats amazing! I doubt I'd even run for my life, instead I think I would just cut to the chase and drop to the floor gasping for air.

  5. Since last week, I have continued going to the gym every chance I get. I didn't go Friday, Saturday, or Sunday because was the weekend and I needed a break. I have still done well with my eating (although we did just pick up a loaf of Hawaiian bread and for some reason, half of it is gone...oops)

    It didn't do too much damage because I still came off losing 2.8 pounds last week. That is a total of 10 pounds in a month. Don't jump for joy and think, "good job" quite yet. I still don't feel any different. My pants still fit the same way because my "spare tire" wont deflate! Oh well, every little bit helps!

  6. Susan in Missouri11/20/08, 8:40 AM

    My goals aren't as far from my reach as I thought they were originally! The goal is to lose 20 more lbs. by Christmas...5 lbs down since last week! YAY ME! I am a bit concerned because Thanksgiving is coming up next week...but we are planning to take the kids to the Country Club Plaza on Thanksgiving night to see the Plaza lights turned on. (It's kind of a big deal here in Kansas City. lol!) And from where we usually's about a 25-30 minute walk. I'm just glad I weigh less now then I did when we went last year! Atleast THIS year, I can keep up and MAYBE pass the kids up! lol! I'm sorry you had such a horrible week. Like I said earlier, if I was closer, I would have pitched in and helped you out. Hope you have a better week next week!

  7. When is Charlie coming home from vacation? I'm not even going to bother calling it work!

    I lost a measly half pound this week. I am not quite sure what is going on although having my second period in a month (despite exclusively breastfeeding a hearty eater) can't help. Also, we need to get more regular about our daily walk. I am going to be persistent and assume the weight will come off next week.

  8. i could be doing better with my goals...but this week has been hectic like yours. I am walking more, but haven't managed to wake up early to ride our bike before the kids wake.

  9. Just like a previous poster, I was going to suggest Forever Stamps. You buy them and they are good no matter the price increase or change. And Costco has them at, I believe, a slightly reduced rate.

    Hang in there! Surely Charlie will be home soon?


  10. I'll 3rd the suggestion for forever stamps. I bought about 60 just before the price went up this last time. Of course I also had to buy a bunch of 1 cent stamps to go along with my 3 and 4 cent stamps to finish out the odds and ends of stamps I still have. I found some 34 cent stamps when I cleaned out my car to sell it!

  11. Jen,
    A friend of mine introduced me to Send Out Cards. It is amazing for someone like me who never mails anything. They have hundreds (maybe over a thousand) of cards to choose from, you can upload pictures to include on/in the cards, and they mail them out for you. No bothering with stamps, finding a mailbox, or going to the post office. You can change the color/font of the writing. You can even send in a copy of your handwriting and they'll make a font out of it. I know I sound like a sales person but I swear I don't get anything out of promoting Send Out Cards (I think my friend does though).
    Here's a link to his site.

    Oh yeah, you can even include gift cards when you send the cards. How cool is that?!

  12. More success! I am so happy for myself! It is the first time in a long time that I've actually felt good and been proud of myself for anything! Its helped me stay on top of studies, sleep better, and keep the apartment clean (which my husband is loving). Now I just want to keep this motivation up! I'll be jogging again tomorrow. ;o)

    Hope Henry gets 100% better soon. A sick baby is the worst (as you know, full well!).

  13. To be honest, goals = terrible.

    I think the Halloween candy did me in...I was doing great not snacking until I bought the first box.

    I am praying for self-control and patience daily, and I think that God likes to give me lots of practice in these areas of my life.

  14. I am doing well with my goals! I went to buy pants, and I was six sizes smaller than when I started all this! (Since pants come in only even sizes, I guess it was really three sizes, but six sounds so much better.)
    Next week I can't work out (or post) as I am going to my boyfriend's, but I will continue to eat healthily, even on the road!

  15. Well, I was doing okay, until I saw the ice cream. Now I'll be walking two blocks to the grocery store to buy pumpkin ice cream and peppermint ice cream and hoping that I don't eat both before my husband gets home to help me :)

    But, I've been doing aerobics or jogging every day this week - woohoo!

  16. You're getting a work-out, whether you realize it or not. I ran a mile on the treadmill, Monday - only because running outside would've been suicide with the wildfires and this horrible cough. Wednesday, I ran up and down Signal Hill again. Today I gave blood, so I probably lost a couple of pounds this week. I should go weigh myself right now to see how much blood they took...haha...

  17. Just so you know, they passed legislation that allows the USPS to raise postage prices every May. That's right, folks, once a year. Cough it up.

  18. I was looking for this thread last!

    Ive still been walking when its not raining or below 40 degrees..sheesh Im in Florida, WTF?

    I'm going to unpack my WiiFit when my niece goes back home next week.

    We've been cooking more at home instead of eating out, and when we do eat out Ive been ordering a salad as a side instead of something full of fat.

    Still drinking cokes everyday though..but one thing at a time, right?

  19. Amen to the stamp thing. It's why I quit buying stamps. I refuse. The hubby just has to do it.
    I no longer send mail.
    lol. But I'm not kidding.

    I haven't been by for a while. Busy with drama at my own house so I've been "absent" from blog visiting. Missed your blog. It's always so well written.

    So you do weekly weigh ins now? But you don't post your weight?

    Here's where I am at. Since hubby got early morning job I never go on long walks anymore. I just walk T to and from school each day .. .that's it ... so I haven't made any more progress but I've maintained the 33-34 I lost ... most days.
    Not bad.

    It looks like you stay home now again? No longer at work? I will have to delve into your archives to find the answer, I suppose ... but it will have to wait until I have more time.

    The man who sold us our house (hubby and him did the deal with a handwritten contract ... no escrow company) didn't give us the title to the house after we gave him the 100,000 for the down on the house ... so we have been in court for a year. Yesterday the judge finally went back to his chambers to render his final decision ... but in our city the judge doesn't render his verdict in front of you ... he faxes it when he gets around to it. THE TENSION I mean to tell you!

    Today, though ... I just needed to "get out".

    Good to see that the triplets are as lively as ever.

    And good for you. Wine and ice cream for dinner sounds like it would hit the spot.

    The handfuls of chocolate chips I have been scarfing have done the same for me.

  20. Hey Jen!

    I just wanted to update too.. You got my hubby and I moving.. This isnt a small feat.. 9 weeks ago we werent doing anything and were eating way too much fast food! This weekend, we are running..READ THAT..RUNNING... in the Turkey Trot 5K. Today our run was 2miles at 22mins...down from 32mins 9 weeks ago!! My husband is 6'4 and was 350lbs. I am SO proud of him! He has bad asthma..he hasnt needed his inhaler nearly as much, and he is down to 335 and get this..... down 7% (or more now) BODY FAT! Like I said, SO proud of him!... I am still at my same weight, but I was the more unhealthy of the two of us, but am down from my starting 175 to 166, no idea on body fat, but I've gone from a 14 to a 10 in jeans!

    In other words.. we are doing GREAT! And both of us are ENJOYING running...I never thought i'd say that. We are alternating at home and the Y because of our 4yr old not liking to ride his bike in the rain, but it's been great for our whole family!

    We are also doing Yoga with the kids on Fri nights and they are seeing this change (as well as having to eat more veggies along with mom!(dad already was a good veggie eater))

    ANYWAYS... I dont usually weigh in, but I wanted to because I'm so proud of US. Thanks for the butt kick! We're hoping to do a 10K in February and shooting for a half marathon in June.

    I love reading your blog daily. Thanks for sharing the true life. And for being a good inspiration~!

  21. Hi, my name is Danielle and I ate 4 Drumsticks this week.

    Our house fell out of escrow and I've been cleaning again, like a mad woman to get it back to showroom quality. I collapse every evening and drown my sorrows in peanut caramel drumstick. My goal is not to put on 40 lbs this week. It is a lofty goal but I'll do my best.

  22. Hmmmmmm, not much specific exercise accomplished but I did run one lap each with my 1st grader and 5th grader at the school jog-a-thon this week :)

  23. i'm not doing too badly.. i've been checking my sugar levels regularly and have cut way back on fast food.

  24. our 90 day fitness challenge is over this week. i am in charge of tallying all the points. i got second place by 5 points (but i am still proud of myself)...(at the same time kicking myself for not doing a few more things to accumulate enough to have WON!).

    i lost 4.3% body fat in 90 days and lost several inches on various spots they measured around my body and i lost 8 pounds! :)

  25. This is way late, but I'll still update for last week. I did my three days of running, but I think my heart just hasn't been in it. I'm still struggling to keep up with last week's increase in running, so I obviously didn't increase the way I was supposed to this week. I drove up to Rocky Mnt National Park on Monday with my mom and the kids. She walked with them around the lake while I jogged around it. It did feel good to lap them! Running at 10,000 feet was quite different than running at 6,000 feet - I thought I would collapse before I finished!

    After two months of running, still no weight loss or change in clothing size. :(
    Maybe that's why I'm feeling discouraged. My breathing problem was way worse this week, but I have a theory that I am going to test. I'm wondering if I might be reacting to sodium benzoate, a preservative in soda that has been linked to asthma. My breathing has been a lot worse since I've been indulging in a soda every day (ouch!), so I'm going to try cutting them out completely for the next couple weeks to see if it helps.