Saturday, November 22, 2008

favorite thing friday

Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching, I would be positively remiss to not share one of my absolute favorite kitchen gadgets.

Oh, I can hear the laughter. But wait a minute. These aren't just any spatulas!

These are Williams Sonoma silicone spatulas (and spoonulas) and please trust me when I say that they are the absolute best spatulas ever made. I bought these spatulas at least six years ago as a stocking stuffer, because it turns out, spatulas make a phenomenal and practical gift.

Especially ...

When they come ...

In a variety of festive colors...

To match different decors.

The reason that these spatulas are so great is because they hold up to the most intense heat (800°F) without melting. And, the head of the spatula can come off so that they can easily be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

We use these extremely durable spatulas every day and they show no sign of wear or tear. Although they may cost more than a traditional spatula, they are worth every last penny spent. And as great as the spatulas are, I especially love the spoonula which I use for everything from scooping batter out of bowls, to scrambling and serving eggs straight out of the pan.

(Speaking of pans, if you happen to use Teflon, these spatulas won't scratch - so they work great for stirring.)

I don't see that Williams Sonoma carries the stainless steel handle variety anymore that we own, but the maple handles can be monogrammed with up to 24 characters. I think personalized spatulas would make a great gift for anyone, particularly children who love to help in the kitchen.

If you are looking for a smaller sized spatula, you could always go for the mini silicone variety which includes both a mini spatula and mini spoonula.
We use the minis just as frequently as we use the larger spatulas and they work great for scooping peanut butter and jelly out of jars and for smoothing butter in to our crock. The minis come with a metal fastener that can be used to secure the two of them together.

Or, you can conveniently clip them to your waistband if you are looking to make a fun culinary fashion statement.


  1. You are a nut!! But thanks to your recommendation, I am going to order a couple of "spats" for myself in preparation for the holidays. Thanks Jen!!

    XOXO Anne Marie

  2. Well...I have the mini's but I really don't like them ~ Sorry Jen! It's because the spatula comes off the handle every time I'm using it & it's usually when I'm stirring up cake batter of pan cake mix! YIKES ~ then I have to put my fingers in the mix to find the plastic part or else bake it into the cake :)

    I've found them to be a pain but hey I'm glad you like them!! :) I do like the colors! Tam

  3. we've owned our spoonulas from Williams Sonoma since our wedding in July 2001. It is only because of your post, that I now know the heads come off of the handles for cleaning. I'm a dork.

    Oh, and I endorse this post! I promptly threw out all of our old spatulas after using these and we use nothing else. We love them too!

  4. Tam, I wouldn't use the minis for stirring cake batter or pancake mix >> they are much too small. Infact, I'd probably use a wooden (or metal) spoon or a mixer for something like that.

    But for scooping things out of small containers, or spreading butter - I love those little ones!

  5. LOL When you really like something you have like 20 of them. It seems a bit excessive but I guess you have lack of resources stopping you and can justify the need.
    Take it easy on your walleT!

  6. lol 'don't have lack of resources'

  7. Anon, I actually don't have 20 of these spatulas. I have two spatulas and two spoonulas. One set of minis and one set of standard size. The pictures that I posted are directly from the Williams Sonoma website, showing that they come in a variety of colors.

    The only thing that I've bought in quantity happen to be the butter crocks because those make great gifts and are relatively inexpensive.

    Considering we have four children and two part-time jobs, I would definitely say resources ARE a consideration in this household. However, when we do spend money, we spend money on QUALITY items that will stand up over time. Sure, those items might cost more - but we've learned from experience that you get what you pay for and I'd rather spend a few dollars more for a spatula that will last for 20 years, than a cheap one that will melt or disintegrate if you put it near a hot pan.

  8. These look very handy and are similar to mine that I love. Mine are from Pampered Chef though. They are the silicone ones too, and I love that I can even make CANDY with them without them melting. AWESOME! The better part about ours, IMHO, is that they are one molded piece. They will NOT come apart. I've had mine for about 8 years and never had problems with them. I agree that these are essential in my kitchen too.

  9. Jenna,
    How do you manage nursing and also drinking vast amounts of wine?
    Do you pump and dump after a drinking session?
    I'm curious to know. Do share!

  10. Sorry to be random here, but since you are so wise about nutrition and things, could you tell me what vitamins you give your kids? My triplets are two and I am trying to find something with no dyes, artificial sweeteners, and WITH iron, oh and preferably gummy!