Wednesday, October 01, 2008

wednesday weigh in

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from a marketing company that wants to offer me a six-month supply to try out Sensa. From the e-mail that they sent, "Sensa is a new approach to weight loss that offers life-changing results without a change in lifestyle. It is a revolutionary product based on 25 years of research. Sensa is not a dietary supplement, strict food plan, fad diet, or diet pill."

I turned the offer down to complete the review because I'm not a supplement kind of person. For me what works is to have a well-rounded diet and exercise several times a week. Losing weight and getting in shape isn't magic.

However, if someone is struggling with portion control - this might be useful to try out in conjunction with whatever good diet / exercise routine they are trying to foster. If anyone is interested, you can use the code ROCKETXL at checkout, which will give you 15% off your order (no minimum) and free ground shipping.

In other news.

My husband bought a wet suit this weekend, to wear in his triathlon that is this coming Sunday. The wet suit belonged to a man that runs the local bike shop and has competed in over 30 triathlons and is currently preparing for his eighth Iron Man in Hawai'i.

He can swim 2 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles in 9 hours and 8 minutes.

It would probably take me 9 hours and 8 minutes to do any one of those things.

Charlie wore the wetsuit for the first time in the pool last night and he said that he couldn't believe how much faster he was able to swim. When he got out of the pool, a man who had been swimming in the lane next to him asked if he was a Navy Seal or perhaps in ocean rescue. He went on to tell my husband that they way he cut through water, with his big strong muscles, he looked like a professional athlete.

Now, I'm a very supportive wife but I laughed so hard I pulled a muscle when Charlie told me this story. Probably because to see him tell the story was almost funnier than the story itself. I reminded my husband that he needs to be sure his WEDDING BAND is always visible. Because I think that is a pick up if I've ever heard one. Meanwhile, Charlie thinks the $100.00 it cost for his slightly used wet suit is the best money he's ever spent. Not just because it makes him faster in the water but because it makes him look good.

Sure I can laugh. I've done nothing this week except chortle myself in to a sweat when Charlie told me about his fan club. This most recent virus has wiped me out and once again, I am befuddled as to how viruses serve to build a person's immunity? When the children get sick, I get sick. Even though I was sick as a child. Although, Henry hasn't had this bug, so perhaps whatever immunity I do have - is being leached out in breast milk?

When Charlie dropped the children off at school today (the first time all three have been in over a week), he said that they walked in holding hands and they all hugged and kissed each other before going to class. My husband called to tell me that seeing our children this morning as they departed in to their own separate classrooms, radiating love for each other, was the most magical thing he has ever experienced in his life.

I told him that laying on the floor playing trucks with Henry while two people cleaned our whole house and scrubbed our toilets was the most magical thing I've ever experienced.

How are you doing with your goals?


  1. AWESOME! Ran up Signal Hill today again (once a week gig). 4 miles of hills - up down - up down in 95 degree heat! Ok, I admit it - I almost passed out, but I did it! All I could think about was my after workout Jamba Juice.

  2. I am still on task with both my diet and work out, despite eating out yesterday (yay!), but I do have a cold that is getting steadily worse. I keep asking myself, should I stop working out and let my body rest? But I honestly feel better when I work out and afterwards than when I do not.
    Decisions, decisions.

  3. I hope you're completely recovered soon!

  4. I am sitting in my chair trying NOT to move as every single muscle in my body is in agony. Courtesy of an intense StrollerFit class yesterday followed by an even more intense Restore The Core class. I now understand why the instructor recommends not doing BOTH classes on the same day...especially when you are in not-so-great shape. Will not be doing both on the same day again any time soon! Adding Weight Watchers to the mix on Monday, so that should help my results dramatically.

    Hope you guys feel better soon. Paying for school when they are home sick is the worst!!!


  5. I hope the whole family gets better and stays better! As a mother of 3 year old twins who just started preschool..... I empathize. We have already been sick too. Those kid germs are brutal!

    I am on track with my 24 week training program for my "hopeful" half marathon in the spring. I wish I could up the ante and follow in your footsteps with a tri, but I'm just not that strong a swimmer.

    Ah well. Maybe swimming lessons with the kids are a good idea?


  6. I don't know if I'm too late to sign up for the IPod giveaway, but here's what I'm up to... I started jogging again. I'm doing the couch to 5K plan. I was a jogger in highschool, but I just realize that that was 10 YEARS AGO! Yipes. Anyway, I took a two week break when I got all my wisdom teeth taken out, and I'm finally back to it. While my 3 year old is in her Kindermusik class, I take the baby out in the jogging stroller. I'm on week two of the 9 week program. I have my first 5K coming up at the end of this month. I don't know what kind of shape I'll be in, but I'm going to give it my best shot!

    Sarah L

  7. I applaud anyone who runs AnY amount of miles in ANY minutes! I only run if I'm being chased lol.

  8. I'm still walking every morning. Got on the scale at the gym today and it was at 122. I ate 6 Reese's peanut butter cups after dinner, because why not? I wasn't going to lose anymore weight.

    I'm still cleaning my own toilet too. Maybe I'll go eat a couple more peanut butter cups, since I'll be cleaning them again tomorrow! :)

  9. Totally a pick-up line . . . and by a guy I might add!

    Feel better Jen.


  10. Er, okay. I'm a few hours late checking in for the Wednesday Weigh In, but this past week has been a pretty decent one, workout wise.

    However, diet wise? Oh, man. I mean, I'm not necessarily on a diet, but I do try to keep my unhealthy (high fat, high calorie, no nutritional content) foods somewhat limited. But this past week, not only was I belatedly (and extendedly) celebrating my birthday, due to the crap that happened on the actual day, so I had much, MUCH more sugar and alcohol than I usually do. And let's be real- even though I am motivated by the progress I feel, when I see the numbers on the scale move the wrong direction, I lose motivation.

    So, my goal for next week is to keep myself in check with food, and to perhaps add one additional workout this week. I also need to get my speed up a little bit, but that is simply going to take some time!

  11. my goals last week were to
    1) walk the babes at least an hour five times
    2) stay on phase one of south beach

    goal #1 was met
    goal #2 was met barring the birthday cake and ice cream i slightly partook in to celebrate my partner's grandfather's 95th birthday. (i think it is bad manners and maybe even bad luck not to share someone's birthday cake with them.) i did eat just a few bites of each though.

    my goals for this next week are
    1) walk babes 1 hour/5x
    2) stay on phase one of sbd
    3) do 20 min of yoga/3x

    glad the kids are back at school. what a sweet description of them loving each other before class.

    have a good week, katie

  12. Either my allergies are killing me or I've got a sinus thing going on. The doc will tell me later today.

    However, I did walk on Tuesday for 1.2 miles and it only took me 24 minutes. If I could breathe today, I'd be walking again. Also, I count hiking to the buses after Big Music Festival as walking, so that's twice this week. I do think I'm doing a great job.

  13. Rnning up to 3.5 miles! but eating up to 10 tons!!! of chocolate covered -- everything! This week trying to get the tonage to a millage.;-)
    Trying to get ready for a 5k - YMCA in Nov. supporting research for non-smokers lung cancer.
    Get well soon!!! Marg

  14. Hmm. I'm making s'mores cupcakes right now. Although I have been very busy running around the house after a 13 month old. And regularly lifting a glass of wine to my mouth.

    Yeah. I'm doing pretty good. :-L

  15. Back from camping and weighing in.
    I didn't bike as much as I had hoped but did do some hiking. Watched what I ate most of the week but did indulge in a smore (how can you not eat a smore while by a campfire?) I weighed last night when we got home and I haven't lost any more weight but I haven't gained any either. So over all pretty good. My goal for this week is to get back to the walking and bike riding daily (no excuses). My goal is to also see some weight loss for next week. I have been thinking of joining Weight Watchers does anyone have any suggestions on that?
    Jen I have been catching up on your blog (you wrote a lot last week) and am not going to go back and comment on each one but just had to tell you how adorable your children are. They have the most beautiful blue eyes and are just precious. I love the pictures of them with the dirt, they obviously had a great time which is what it is all about. Also if you get serious in looking for a new place in this fabulous, wonderful world to move to I have a suggestion. I would love to be a surrogate nana to your little ones and I talk a lot;) Also I use to have a home day care, my three children and five more here daily (all preschool age). I use to put them down on their cots with a book and a timer in the room, they were to "read" until the timer went off (an hour later), it usually worked like a charm and they would fall asleep reading if not they would always lay for an hour.
    I love the idea of hiring someone to do laundry or general cleaning. I am like you and think that parents do the parenting better so you do the parenting and farm out the house & yard work if need be.

  16. I just had to leave another message and tell you that I just...... RAN 5 miles! without stopping!! Now if I can STOP stopping at the store for chocolate I might actually be able to lose a few pounds and/or ... gain speed the turtles are passing me!!!!!!! ;-) Marg.

  17. OK so where is the photo of him in his wetsuit? LOL