Saturday, August 23, 2008

tri this on for size

Tomorrow is our big race day.

This afternoon, we picked up our pre-race packet containing our bib number, timer chip and colored swimming caps. Then, we went to a triathlon store and spent a small fortune on tri shorts, which are similar to bike shorts but you can swim in them and because they have a thinner seat pad, when you come out of the water, it's not like you are wearing a soggy diaper.

We also bought bib belts - a novel gadget that holds your bib number on a belt that you wear in the back when you are riding, and then move around to the front when you are running - so you don't have to fiddle with safety pins.

We bought a few packs of Power Gel.

And new socks.

And new goggles.

And I bought two new tri tops because I couldn't decide if I liked blue or black better.

And I also bought a new pair of shoes - that everyone told me I most definitely shouldn't wear running tomorrow, but eh, what does it matter. I'll probably walk most of the way, anyhow.

Although, now that I look so good in all my new gear, I'm sure I'll be pumped.

Tonight, we packed our bikes in the car and our duffle bags are ready to go with all of the gear we purchased today, as well as our bike helmets and gloves, running hats, sunglasses, towels and water bottles. I'm thinking that I should also bring my passport because this race is being held at the most southwestern beach in the entire United States. All it would take is a moderate current, and I'll be washed right in to Mexico.

If I don't post tomorrow night, chances are:

1) I've been consumed by a shark, or

2) I'm on my third margarita in Tijuana.


  1. I'd go with the margaritas... and skip the race ;)

    Good luck to you both, look forward to hearing about the ordeal, sorry, race! ;)

  2. Will be thinking of you on Sunday and sending you positive vibes in hopes that you and Charlie have a great day no matter if you finish the race or not. It is about the journey not the destination right?

    Can't wait to hear an update.

  3. Best of luck to you both!! Can't wait to hear how it goes...

  4. I will be hosting and hoisting a Margarita in your honor tomorrow! Good luck you two!


    Can't wait to hear how it turned out!

  6. Karen in Buffalo8/24/08, 7:50 AM

    GO JEN & CHARLIE, you "WiCkED PiSsAh's"!!!! (that post of yours still makes me laugh out loud!!)

    Can't wait to hear all about it.

  7. I vote for the margaritas too! Good Luck.
    Hope you'll have pictures. Marg.

  8. Good luck today. Can't wait to read the post race blog.

    Lorraine from NY

  9. Good luck...can't wait to hear all about it:)

  10. Good luck good luck good luck!

  11. good luck. i hope you do really well. thanks to you i ran my first ever 5K yesterday...only thing is I forgot to be training for I just decided to go do it day of, and today my body (specifically my back and knees) HATES me!

  12. GOOD LUCK! You and Charlie are totally going to rock this triathlon!

  13. OOOooooo, I hope you are done by now. It's 10am; I hope you are slurping on a margarita after a successful race.

  14. Good luck tomorrow (or today)!!

  15. Thinking of you both today!

  16. I was getting worried until I checked twitter, yay you finished, hope you are both enjoying the beer.

  17. Congratulations on finishing!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it :o)

  18. Congrats! I am so inspired!!