Wednesday, August 06, 2008

14 (and a wednesday weigh in)

Today marks our 14-year wedding anniversary.

I spent most of the morning dancing with my children, while wearing my wedding dress.

After having been shoved in a bag in our attic for the past 14-years, I pulled it out this morning, shook it a few times, and tried it on. I then cued up our wedding music and waltzed out to the kitchen where Charlie and the children were eating breakfast. All of them, save Henry, nearly choked on their waffles when they saw me with my veil and 8-foot long train humming Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring.

Seeing me in my wedding dress, very well might have been the highlight of our children's young lives. They went absolutely, totally NUTS. As did Charlie when he saw that my dress still fits. Well, almost. If you don't count the zipper. But how necessary is that thing, anyway?

Without a doubt, the best decision I have ever made in my entire life, was the decision to marry my husband. He is the most gentle and compassionate man I know. He is full of life, has an unwavering sense of optimism, and makes me laugh every day. I could not ask for a better partner in life, or father for my children.

I truly love the man with all of my heart and although I said I didn't want anything for our anniversary, the iPod shuffle (Product) Red he bought me TOTALLY ROCKS. He just went out running and was wearing it when he left. Yeah, I'm beginning to wonder if this is yet another of those LOOK WHAT I GOT YOU!! gifts that is ultimately a gift for him?

While I walked around the house, interested to see that my bridal train does a better job cleaning our floor than our broom, Charlie wasted no time downloading all of the songs on to the shuffle, that I had pulled together for the bust-a-move workout CD I created last week.

Which, I'm a little concerned that if I send a copy (or most likely, copies) of my compilation CD off to people, it might constitute copyright infringement.

Am I being too uptight? Or a law abiding citizen?

Please, someone read this and tell me what you think.

This week while swimming in our community pool, I discovered that the vast majority of the population do not understand pool etiquette. When I swam laps on Thursday, Friday and again on Tuesday, people would wander in to my lane. They'd just stand in front of me as I was swimming along - or - they would jump in to my lap, just before I'd complete a flip turn.

Granted, it's summer. But we live in an area where school is in session year-round and I go earlier in the day when there are very few people. Even though the pool is wide open and there is no real "deep" end, people seem to converge on my little 25-meter lap.

Why is that?

And why can I not simply ask that they just stay out of my little lane?

Why must I stop swimming, stand up, pull off my goggles, put my hands on my hips and say "Hmpf!" and expect that they will immediately understand my frustration? They don't. They just keep splashing and ask if they can play with my kick board.

As for the triathlon, I don't think that swimming will be a problem. Nor am I worried about cycling. I am worried, however, about running. The running part is truly going to kick my ass.

I am not a runner.

I can't even pretend to be.

I figure I'm going to be so tired after having swam and cycled, I'll be lucky if I don't do a face plant on the run. But at least Charlie will be there to tell me that I've got my helmet on, should I forget. Unless of course, he is too busy listening to his my new iPod.

How are you doing with your goals?


  1. i can't even pretend to fit in my wedding dress! wow. fun pics...happy anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary, Jenna. Missed you today, but I can see that your anniversary day with the family was better than any playdate could ever be.


  3. Happy Anniversary!

    I don't know why people won't stay out of your lane when you are swimming laps -- I remember when I was little that kids weren't even allowed in the lap pool, except for an hour a day. Which annoyed me when I was little, but I greatly appreciate now, as I have the spine of a jellyfish and wouldn't be able to tell anyone to move out of the way either.

    I read the intellectual property law and I have no idea. But you can have up to five machines on one itunes account, so I figure that even if I don't technically have other machines on my account, I can make copies for five people and am still (very loosely) within their 5 machine limit. I will admit it is a stretch, but it still makes me feel better!

  4. Wow how I wish I could get in my wedding dress. Looks like the children had a blast, such cute pictures.
    Goals....still walking and riding bike, forgot to weigh in on Monday so decided to just skip and do that next Monday. We are going to a trail tomorrow (my 50th bday) and ride 14 miles. I really don't feel like I am losing weight but I do feel much better and it can only improve, right?

  5. Hi Jen,

    Happy Anniversary! I love the beautiful pics of the kids in the veil.

    My goal was to run 5K by end of August. I'd made it up to a little over 2 miles and I Friday I decided to see how far/long I could go. I did 3.3 miles, which is a bit over 5K! I realize this is hardly a marathon, but it's probably the longest distance I've ever run in my life, so I was pretty excited about it. I think my new workout routine will be 2 miles plus weights on Mon and Wed, and 5K on Fri.

    The next challenge will be transitioning from running on a treadmill to running on pavement, which I hear is tougher...

    Thank you so much for the motivation and a place to check in and stay accountable. It's really given me an extra boost.

    If you don't feel comfortable sending out your compilation CD, how about just posting a list of the songs on it? That way we all coud get some new ideas for workout tunes.

    Have fun with your new toy, if you can get it away from Charlie!


  6. I agree with Christine. Just share what music you put on it. The other idea would be to go to ITunes and create the compilation and then we can purchase it.


  7. Oh and on my goals...we just got a Wii and for my Birthday last week I got the Wii Fit! I LOVE IT! I am sore from playing it. If you don't have one you should look into getting one.


  8. Oh that's great!! Love it. That was such a fun day. Can't believe it was 14 years ago?? I'm so glad you two found each other. You make a good pair! ;-)

    Think I'll send Charlie my MP3 player and see if he can download some rockin songs for me...I don't know which ones are good to stay motivated!! James has tried but his taste is not mine and you've made a tape or two for me w/great songs! (Want to do it again?? In your spear time?)

    Goals - Went out w/a friend - about 6 miles yesterday morning(this time I didn't get lost) BUT She got attacked by a dog!!! Of course no phone; no pepper spray, etc. and smart me KEPT walking until I realized what happened. She's ok and believe or not we finished our walk/run (her decision) however still shakin. THEN later...the same day... my dear sweat Brian got KICKED OUT of Piano Lessons!!!! (The instructor stated he was too much for him to handle!! He's 6!) I heard the instructor yelling...he said "I just can't handle him - he knows the answers and he's very smart but he won't answer me"!! I was so upset! (he's six) SO I showed that teacher a thing or two...I drove to PUBLIX... thank Goodness Breyers was on sale 3/$10...came home; skimmed a taste from each carton then made a sundae! (no. I don't think I'm an emotional eater...mmm)

    This morning I went out for a short walk/run only 45 minutes but I did it and I still have enough ice cream left over for the kids. ;-) Love, Marg.

    PS It's nice to have a place to check in and stay accountable. Hope you'll keep it up after the triatholon... ;-)

  9. I just loved the post about Henry yesterday and I love the pics of you in the wedding dress. My kids would go nuts too. Happy Anniversary!

  10. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my interpretation has always been that, unless you are making a copy of the music only for yourself because you yourself purchased it, it is illegal to give others copies of said music. I know. We'd all be busted. But we have to go to a copyright workshop every year before school starts (I'm a teacher) and that is part of what we address. I hope I'm wrong! Maybe you can just tell us what songs are on there, and people can make their own CD.

    How cool is it that after 4 kids, you can get into your wedding dress?

    I used to swim, and people have no clue about staying out of my way, either!

  11. Karen in Buffalo8/7/08, 12:04 PM

    Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a great day with the kids and your wedding dress. Just having it on probably brought back so much of your Big Day to you and Charlie.
    Cheers to you both!

  12. I think it's awesome that you pulled out your wedding dress and some fun with the kiddos! The girls must have thought that you looked like a real life princess!

  13. Happy Anniversary! What great memories your children will have of you in your wedding dress. I may have to try that some day. Have a great day!

  14. Wonderful! You look fabulous, and I love the photos of Gracie and Elizabeth! Sweet William, however, is obviously quite jealous! Love, Sue

  15. Zippers are soooo over-rated! Your girls could grace the cover of any bridal magazine!

  16. Wow you still fit in your dress!!!! Spectacular. Happy Anniversary to you and Charlie.

    Ya, I know those lap loungers who also appear in other places of passage only to act as if they're the only ones there - grrrr

  17. Happy Anniversary!

    Way to go fitting into your wedding dress! I'm scared to try, myself.

  18. Happy Anniversary!

    Um, goals? Did I really have goals? Well, I did accomplish trying TJs PB Cups for the 1st time. Does that count?