Sunday, April 13, 2008

so. we went shopping.

In addition to having no food in the house, yesterday afternoon, we ran out of dish washing soap. While I stood in the kitchen trying to decide whether I wanted our pots and pans to smell like Neutrogena Body Wash or Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo, I came to my senses and decided that NO, it's best I just bite the bullet and take the kids to the store, in the unseasonably warm 103-degree heat, once they woke up from their nap.

Oh, so the reason it feels like hell around here ... is because it is.

While out, William proved that the lessons I am teaching the children about cleaning up after themselves are obviously sinking in. When he pointed out - very loudly - that the woman shopping next to us was in the produce department was "Making a mess and spilling bwocowi evewywhere!!" I couldn't hand him a lemonade popsicle fast enough. With one hand on his popsicle, my three-year-old set about picking up florets from the floor and tossing them in to the bin above his head, all the while hollering "This!! Is!! A!! Mess!!"

Thankfully, he didn't add "Where do you think we live?? A barn??"

I also bought the kids their own fishing rods while we were out. They spent much of this morning, casting off the top of their partially completed play set before I took them to a local lake where they could try their luck hooking the big one ... with their plastic lures.

Things were going swell until Carolyn wrapped the fishing line around her wrist so tightly that her hand turned crimson. She was screaming and flailing about - and in doing so - knocked her sister and her fishing rod in to the lake.

Her sister that can't swim.

And the only rod that I purchased that doesn't float.

The moral of the story is although kites and fishing rods are great fun, we might be taking a hiatus from stringed activities for a while.

Playset is 90% complete.

Charlie and I are 100% spent.


  1. My son absolutely LOVES his fishing rod(s). Yes, he has multiple ones he loves them so much!

    I thought that we were warm this weekend, but you had us beat by a long shot!

  2. Neutrogena and Clairol don't make dish soap? Hmmmmm.

    Maybe they should skip flossing for a while too. ;-)

  3. I went grocery shopping on a Saturday recently, which goes against everything I've ever learned about keeping my sanity. I was lonely and bored while my husband was in London and my teenagers were out and about. I did not have 3 three-year-olds and a baby with me, so I will never complain again. NEVER. AGAIN.
    It seems I've said that before on here.

  4. 103?! In April?! That might be worse than the snow we got on Saturday!

    That playset is looking like lots of fun!

  5. good luck on the playset, it's going to be awesome!!

    BTW send some of that warm weather east, we are freezing!

  6. I'm definitely with txmommy, send some warmth our way. Yesterday it was cold and even snowed, yes SNOWED in APRIL! Gah! I'll trade you houses for a week. ;)

    That is such a fun story about the grocery store. My son doesn't like messes either. Although he doesn't have a big enough vocabulary to do on and on about someone else's mess, I'm sure some day he will.

    The pond, oh man, hilarious. Here I am totally cracking up at your children's expense. I'm sure it was NOT funny at the moment. But it's a story that they will love to hear over and over when they are older.

  7. Seeing all that sunshine and lush, green grass (by the way - your backyard is gorgeous)... makes me SO JEALOUS that I'm up here in still-cold Canada.

    Today our high is going to be 8 degrees celsius, which Google has helped me figure out is 46.4 farenheit. FEEL BAD FOR ME! hahaha.

    We're all anxiously awaiting Wednesday though! It's finally going to shoot up to 19 (celsius). That's a gorgeous 66.2 farenheit - and it will feel HOT to us! hahaha.

  8. Ok, I clicked on the picture of William and Carolyn on the playset...I can't believe how tall she is!! Wow! She looks like she's at least 3 inches taller than her brother. Maybe it was just the angle the picture was taken at.
    Anyway, they are adorable and while they may drive you nuts from time to time...all of us sure do love them.
    The playset looks great and will be done before you know it!


  9. Gracie looks about a head and a half over Will. Now, about the strings, I thought you were thinking of Violin lessons?
    Happy 3 1/2 to the Trips.

  10. So I want to know if you whipped a life preserver out of your backpack to save her? Or have you fashioned a floatable seat cushion in the stroller in the event of falling into lakes? :)

    The playset is looking awesome. Just three more weeks and I'll give you free lessons on throwing them outside to play!

  11. Wow, I had to look at your profile to see where you were. I can't believe it's that hot already! I'm in South Carolina and it's been up to 85 so far...and I thought it was hot!