Friday, April 18, 2008

finally, a consensus

I don't know what exactly has happened with our kids ... but, within the past week or so, they have become UNBEARABLE at certain times of the day. Defiance and screaming and teasing and fighting and moments of destruction like something straight out of a horror movie.

Apparently, every toy in this house has been divvied up and belongs to someone. And even though someone isn't playing with that toy, it is still THEIRS and if anyone comes within 10-feet of it, someone will go crazy that anyone is trying to get it.

One minute they are happy and smiling and the next minute whamo!

Psycho kid.

Even William, our normally reasonable son, has gone off the deep end.

Last night, I noticed that his beloved - must have in possession at all times - Baby Panda was looking and smelling like it hasn't been out of a three-year-olds grasp for the past decade. But since that span of time is greater than my son's existence, it looked and smelled like it's been buried in the bottom of the trash can for a month.

So, I threw it in the wash. But, I forgot to put it in the drier before I went to bed.

I was woken this morning at 6:15 by a fit of hysteria. I brought my son in to the laundry room to show him that Baby Panda was in the wash and would be going in to the drier and by the time the "big hand" was on the "9", Baby Panda would be ready.

Inconsolable screaming ensued, so I tried distraction.

"How would you like ... a hug?"


"How would you like ... breakfast?"


"How would you like ... to get dressed?"


"How would you like ... to go play on your new swing?"


"How would you like ... to go water the plants?"

and PUNCHING the air.

"How would you like ... to help me vacuum?"

PUNCHING and KICKING and ROLLING on the ground.

I looked over at Charlie and smiled, "This is what I've been dealing with everyday."

Then I asked, "How would you like to ... take a long walk off a short pier?"

The screaming stopped, he stood up and said "OK."

When I confessed that I was only joking, he started whining "But. I. Want. To. Take. A. Walk. Off. A. Pier. NOW!!"

And I told him, "Yep, me too buddy. ME, TOO."


The kids had their "interview" with the Montessori school this morning and all of them were accepted in to the fall program. William and Elizabeth went with their respective teachers, and were instantly engaged in their classes. Carolyn hung on to my leg and cried every time I stepped more than a foot away. But, slowly, she warmed up to the environment and spent a half hour watering plants in the room - to the point that they flooded and we spent another half hour mopping up puddles.

We have until April 30th to decide.

After this morning, my decision isn't as much if I want to send them to school, but if I want to send them FOR THE FULL DAY.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun with 3 year olds at your house!

    Congrats on the kids getting into the school. I visited a Montessori school yesterday morning, and I simply LOVED IT! Unfortunately, we've got a year until mine is old enough to go.

    Good luck on your decision. It's not an easy one.

  2. Just wondering - What are the qualifications for Montessori preschool? Better, yet, why are there qualifications? I'm not familiar with this type of schooling.

  3. my daughter is in Montessori from 8:30 - 2:30 all week. I keep her home if I want (like today. I just missed her and wanted her home for the day - selfish but there it is). She LOVES it. She'll be 4 at the end of July and has been going since last July.

  4. Sorry the kids are at a difficult stage. It will pass! Four years old was a lovely age/stage at our house.
    I'm glad you've found a school that feels just right. But I would suggest that 5 days a week and full days is too much for 3 year olds - is that really what they are offering? Half days would be nice, and still give them time to relax and play freely with each other at home. When our trio went to preschool at age 3 1/2, they were happier all afternoon when they'd had preschool in the mornings. After all that stimulation and activity, they were glad to relax and play in a more low-key way later on.
    Good luck with whatever you choose.

  5. when you do one of your Q&A posts would you mind explaining what montessori school is? i have a vague idea but i'm curious to learn more. i don't have any kids i just would like to know.

    your decision sounds like a great thing for all parties. looking forward to hearing more.