Tuesday, September 18, 2007

moments of brilliance

So why hasn't anyone told me that Pull-Ups are great?

Oh, you have??

WHY wasn't I paying attention?!

Yesterday, after putting our area rugs back down and putting the triplets in Pull Ups, all the while trying to find the good in having our children in diapers indefinitely, Elizabeth came strolling up to me with her little potty receptacle full of something that looked like ...

I had to rub my eyes and give a closer inspection...

Why, it was a puddle IN the potty!!!

BRILLIANT!! Pull Ups are underwear diapers!!

Kids can pull them up and down and if they aren't yet ready or if they have an accident, it's not on your FLOOR. Or your RUG. Or, inside your Weeble Wobble Tree House.

Here I was thinking that the reason these things were so neato is because they came in larger sizes and couldn't be whipped off so easily by the occupant.

Later in the day, she did it again. And again. AND AGAIN!!!

But today, not once.

I think today she realizes that her underwear are also a diaper.

So what?!

She knows that she can pull them up and down and practice to her heart's content.

And I, do not have to wash 30 pairs of underwear a day!!

And, our area rugs are in no danger of being destroyed!!

William and Elizabeth also had a stroke of genius yesterday when they discovered a loop-hole in the rule "Thy shalt not hit thy brother and sister."

While I was making lunch, I watched William smack Elizabeth with his Big Bird stuffed animal. He quickly looked over at me and when he saw that I was watching ... reprimanded Big Bird by saying "Big Bird!! No HITTING Ewizabedh!! You in TIME OUT!!"

He marched Big Bird over and stood him in the corner. After a couple seconds passed, he kissed Big Bird and told him to go apologize to Elizabeth.

While Big Bird was trying to make his apology, Elizabeth smacked William in the side of his head with her Elmo and then yelled "Elmo!! No HITTING Villyum!! You in TIME OUT!!"

I'm surrounded by brilliance.

Now, all I need is for someone to invent a spray on sunscreen.

I wasn't expecting such an outpouring of support with my last post ... you guys are much too kind.

And to think, I had considered writing a post that simply said if I ever went over to the home of my boss and scribbled on his Ethan Allen dining room table with a sharpie, pooped inside his Weeble Wobble Tree House, tried to flush his car keys down the toilet, shoved mozzarella cheese sticks inside his hot VCR, repeatedly stuck blueberries up my nose that he had to fetch out, pulled every leaf off of every plant in his house and yard, popped keys off of his laptop, dumped five pound bags of rice on his kitchen floor, pulled a full pitcher of lemonade off his counter and hung on his pant legs whining while my two co-workers were trying to feed his dog Legos and then decided that instead, they'd like to eat the dog's food ... I wouldn't be at all surprised if he lost his patience.

Especially if I did something similar the next day. And the next.

And then, I asked for a BIG raise.

Because in addition to being a real chore, I'm extremely expensive.

But I'm worth every dime. Because I'm cute. And, brilliant.


  1. CONGRATS on yesterday's accomplishment. I'm sure those puddles are just a few of many many more to come (and hopefully from many many more little bodies in the near future)!!
    They do make spray on sunscreen....you have never seen it? it is like an aerosol can of sunscreen and it is amazing..bannana boat, coppertone and plenty others make it and its usually called "continuous spray" or something to that effect...I'm really surprised you've never seen it! YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT!

    good luck with the brilliance!

  2. Sorry - that was me being sarcasatic. I know all about spray on sunscreen. And the sunscreen face stick is awesome, too. I just felt like a huge dope for not seeing the beauty in the Pull Up until my 2-year old daughter pointed it out!

  3. Sometimes I wonder about you and other times I worry! Not sure which it is today!

  4. yay for pullups!

    and yay for sarcasm!

    you go, girl!

  5. Jen,

    I'm so sorry about that anon, maybe they knew just how stupid they were being - hence the anon!?!?! I think you said it all VERY well and even read it to Jeff. We'll just chalk it up to the old "ignorance is bliss!" ;o)

    I have been VERY against Pull Ups, but who knows, maybe you'll turn me. I don't even know why I'm against them.... I'll have to figure that out!

    As for the brilliance, that is priceless!

  6. Jenna- here's an idea for you.


    They are cloth trainer pants. Like a very light cloth nappy encased in a waterproof plastic covering. No puddles on the floor, but the child can actually feel that they are wet. Much cheaper than pull-ups because they are reusable/washable. Still a lot of washing, but money saved. Lots of cute patterns too.

    And for Henry- just because you have so much free time on your hands. (This one is a joke people!)


    Rebecca D

  7. jenna-
    I TOLD you Pull-Ups Rock! I am emailing you a coupon from diapers.com... they are way cheaper than the store and they are delivered right to your door! Yipppeeee! They also have other stuff to buy, too!!!

  8. You are indeed brilliant and cute. And worth a chuckle or two. I'm glad to call you my friend.


  9. Thanks for the visit & comment.

    I am loving your potty training (mis)adventures!

    I do have one question, please let me know how you can manage to post frequently? I am finding it hard to remember to put on my underwear with just one little one!

  10. I too thought Pull-ups were bad??? Wonder why! Love the timeouts! I am going to have to remember that when I want to smack someone......Dora did it:)

  11. Pull-ups...gotcha. Filing it away for when I need it. LOVE that I get to watch you make all the mistakes so that I can then make them myself with my own trio...it's so much more meaningful when you experience it yourself right?!?!?

  12. I loved that last paragraph.

    Luckily for all of us, kids don't stay two forever.

    My brother put a peanut butter sandwich in our VCR. Three different ones in fact before my mom put it out of reach.

  13. Ahh Pull Ups. Also noted. Though, you have convinced me that my three dont need to be potty trained. Like at all. Diapers are just fine.

    Has anyone told you yet that some of your pictures only show up half way until you click on them? Its probably a Blogger issue but I didnt know if you could see them or not.

  14. To: my name is Tammie (and Jen so you don't think something is wrong), the pictures do that on one of my computers but not my other one. It must have something to do with the monitor. Just thought you would like to know.

  15. wooohooo! I fought pull-ups with my first boy because they just seemed like diapers, but they have been the recipe for success with my second. But I'm definitely glad we live in a day when such things are not unheard of.

    My 3yo Henry is ascribing every bad behavior lately to his duck-duck. Including wetting his pants. Duck-duck has the MOST annoying voice in the universe. And if I try to by-pass the duck and talk to the boy who is making the duck-duck voice? Duck-duck gets in my face and tells me to talk to HIM, not Henry!! Yikes. Makes me feel schizo on top of everything else. Because now I am not only living in the world of preschool boys, I'm living in a world of miscreant talking plush.

  16. And, FUNNY. And, that post to your anon commenter kicked some serious ass. You ROCK.