Thursday, September 20, 2007

looking forward to winter

I have started a list that is honestly two pages long of various topics I want to cover, but I keep getting sidetracked. It is no exaggeration to say that each and every day, I am bombarded by a plethora of new things to write about. But because I'm currently lacking the mental capacity to discuss anything of value, I instead want to jabber about my day.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning to check out my two ingrown toenails. Since I haven't had an ingrown toenail since sixth grade, I'm convinced pregnancy edema is to blame. Considering I had to go up an entire shoe size during my pregnancy with Henry, I think that my toes swelled up - the nail bed expanded - and then when the swelling went down, the nails were ingrown.

That makes perfectly logical sense to me.

The doctor also checked out an ingrown eyelash that I have. It's the oddest thing. I have a little bump on my eyelid and if you look closely you can see that there is a hair inside. But whenever I tried to pluck it or set Charlie (who is very handy with a pair of tweezers and finds intense joy in squeezing or digging things out of people's bodies) on the job, I thought I was going to die.

Lesson learned is that the skin on your eyelids is extremely, extremely sensitive and I think it would have been less painful to drop a cleaver on my foot.

My doctor is a nice enough guy. But the only reason I went to go see him is because in the world of HMO's, I need to see him first, in order to get a referral to the doctor that can actually help me.

Today, he talked to me about this crazy allergic reaction I have seemed to develop with gold. Ever since Henry has been born, I can no longer wear gold without developing a terrible rash. Which means, I can either tolerate the raised eyebrows I get whenever people look at me with four children and no wedding band - or - have all of my ring settings transferred to platinum.

I'm opting for the latter.

My doctor also gave me an antibiotic for my toenails. And, a different antibiotic for my eye. He also referred me to an opthamologist and a podiatrist.

My opthamologist appointment is next week. My podiatrist appointment isn't until January.


Well, it's a good thing my toes are only slightly excruciating to walk on. And there is only a little bit of puss oozing out with each step. I can't believe the podiatrist is so backed up. Are that many people having problems with their feet??

Following the doctor appointment, I swung by The Sports Authority to pick Charlie up a new pair of tennis shoes. And a new watch, because his beloved G-Shock broke last month and he hasn't been on time for anything, since. While I was at The Sports Authority, I noticed that they were having a big sale on Columbia Sportswear. I decided to browse and see if there was anything that jumped out at me.

Well, I'll be damned if half the women's department didn't jump out and land itself in my cart. Unlike last year when I was in the mood to fill the majority of my closet with lime green and hot pink ... this year, I'll be dressed predominantly in brown and off white.

And black. Because I loaded up on my all-time favorite black drawstring sweat pants that can be used as an all around the house, yard and playground pant.

Or, dressed up with a cardigan and pumps. This is a very nice look indeed.

Particularly if you are from the motherhood camp that thinks a ponytail looks fashionable.

I also picked up three pint-sized tennis rackets for the children's birthday, because I think three is a good age to get them out on the courts and watch them chase after balls and hit each other on the head with a Prince. Tennis might even surpass their current favorite past-time of laying on the family room floor under every single blanket that they own.

Lastly, I picked up a new bag. Because I have recently realized that I have an addiction to buying bags. Backpacks, mailbags, purses, duffel bags. Even wallets. And little bags that hang by a string around your neck. The newest bag to my family of bags is a smaller sized backpack that will work perfectly as a diaper bag. I think a possible new career move for me would be a bag designer.

Driving home, I could tell that Fall is in the air. The weather dropped to the high 60's today, so I felt fully justified dressing the girls in their winter tights and jackets before sending them out to a play date with Charlie this morning while I went to the doctor.

Now unless you live or have lived in Southern California, I don't think it is possible to appreciate the slightest weather shift that represents a change in seasons. You also could not possibly fathom how quickly a person's blood thins and temperatures in the high 60's with a cool breeze, will send them running for their hats and scarves.

Today, there were clouds in the sky and I think it rained last night. These are all prime indications that Old Man Winter is just around the corner and we need to make sure that there are lots of candles and canned goods on hand. It's also that time of year to make Apple Crisps for the neighbors and dust off our Crock-Pot for hearty beef stews. And, peruse the LL Bean catalogue for new flannel pajamas.

That's all I've got.

Now I'm off to finish up the birthday invitations for a little gala we're planning for the children next month. But not before I try on all the clothes I bought while out today, that I couldn't try on in the store since I was wearing Henry.

It's such fun to buy clothes without trying them on. In my mind's eye, I can see how great I'm going to look in the various outfits. Why, I'll look even better than the model. Because in some rare twist of fate, pant sizes that would been too snug someplace or another, now fit perfectly.

Whenever I buy clothes without trying them on first, I always leave the store in a good mood. I'd rather save myself any disappointment until I get home and realize that the only thing that fits are a pair of wool socks. Which I probably won't wear until I get my toes repaired.

In January.


  1. First, I'm sorry you literally have sores on both ends of your body. And who'd have thought a podiatrist could be so busy...

    Second, tempratures in the 60's??!! Are you kidding me? When I got in my van today it was 98 degrees. On September 20. In Illinois. There is something wrong with this picture.

    And Third, I love purses, handbags, totebags...LOVE. THEM. And I have passed that love on to my daughter. One Sunday I opened the door to her room, waved the sale ad around and said "wanna go purse shopping?" Ah, nothing like bonding over leather accessories.

    Finally, could I kindly request more pictures of Henry...?

  2. It got 70 degrees today here in the LBZ! I had Shayna in long-sleeves and her pink Target Uggs! Brrrr... it's going to be in the low 60's tonight! Time to collect wood for the fireplace! It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow... I don't even think we own umbrellas...

  3. yes, we also are quite chilly in our part of so cal. tomorrow i will have to put away my flipflops and break out the boots!!!!

  4. Hey, Ponytail Camp is where I go, too! And if I do a sloppy French Twist instead, I feel glamorous and elegant and high-maintenance!

  5. So sorry about your toes... OUCH. I've only had one ingrown toenail and it was no fun. Maybe you could call up a pedicure place and see if they can clip it really short?? Or maybe don't listen to me and wait till January. Are there any other podatrists you can go to or get referred to?

    I'm so jealous of your 60 degree weather. Here in Oklahoma we are still in the 90's. I'm ready for some cold weather so send it this way please!

  6. Kathy from NJ9/20/07, 9:02 PM

    Podiatrists see many elderly & diabetic patients whose appointments get cancelled, sometimes permanently. Please call them back, describe your misery and ask to be called the next time there is a cancellation.

  7. Karen Moeller9/20/07, 9:59 PM

    Gotta love our "the best in the entire world" healthcare system! And, one of the detractions constantly put out there against universal healthcare is "who wants to wait for procedures and appointments like they do in Canada"? Heck, we already do.

    That said, I hope it's not too, too painful to wait so long.

    KarenM in NC

  8. I am literally laughing out loud! Both you and Michele posted the same thing I wanted too! LOL!! Well sorta, except I didnt shop. Bummer too.

    It is cold here in So Cal isnt it. Nice. I love Fall.

  9. You are so funny! Lows in the 60's here in Illinois is still warm and typically you'll see many people still wearing sandals. Although we are much warmer than you this week, I too feel a sense of Fall in the air...the leaves are turning, there's a cooler breeze, sun going down earlier...can't wait to make the comfort food too! Love the are so funny!

  10. I can't comment someone already said it. BUT I wanted to thank you for your comment, it made my day:)

  11. I wore long sleeves today since it was in the low 80s. Brrrrr....
    I'm having a freakfest over here about buying the kids all new winter clothes. But screw them, "I" NEED new clothes!!! That's what I'll do next week while they are in preschool! Buy Mama some new clothes.

    Greg operates on his ingrown toes. He has a scalpel and everything. They're old football injuries he tells me. Should I send him over?

    And my kids do that too. They drag every single blanket, pillow, and stuffed animal out and I can't even walk across the room!!!! What's up with that?

  12. Hi Jen,

    I too had to wait for a podiatrist appointment. Here's how to relieve the pain while you do: cut the toenail away from the side of your nail bed, down to as far as the scissors will go. You will need very sharp nail scissors and it will help if you lift the side of the nail up. This will stop it cutting into you, allow the infection to heal but it is not permanent. Then, when you see the podiatrist - DON'T LET THEM CUT YOUR NAIL BED AT ALL. There is a new procedure where they cut all the way down to the cuticle on each side and then cauterise the nail bed so that particular piece of nail does not come back. Much easier to recover from, far less painful and much more effective.

    Love your blog, been reading for years, but it took an ingrown toenail to get me to comment!

  13. oh, you are funny. and so real. this post is awesome...

    i never understood why people would choose podiatry as a profession - in my mind it's only a little better than proctology, but it would appear that feet doctors are in demand, huh? hmph. sorry you have to wait so long for relief!

    and the not trying things on first philosophy - soooo right on. a little depressing how many things I've returned to the store lately, though, because I looked nothing like the mannequin when I got home.

  14. I had the same problem with ingrown toenails in 2 of my pregnancies. It was definitely from the edema and it was terrible! I can't believe they are going to make you wait 4 months to get yours fixed! Ouch!!

  15. These are the posts that remind me I live in Canada. 60's and tights?? I'm still in shorts! If I wore my tights now, there would be nothing warm enough for my legs when the temps hit a balmy -22 degrees Farenheit!! (Not including the wind chill factor!!).

  16. I had a horrible in grown toe nail when I was about 20. I remeber my mom putting on I want to say wart remover with the little band aid that goes over it. (Maybe it was outgrow or something like that) anyway I went from OMG horrible pain if I so much as very lightly tuched it, to all better in not to long of a time. I will call her now and see what she did to fix it and let you know. YAYAY I love fall and winter weather!