Thursday, August 16, 2007

ever wonder...

Where the term "sandwich" comes from?

Or, how come young children have enough energy to run around like wild banshees, but their legs go out when it is time to leave?

Or, why you can remember to pack everything that you might need for a day at the beach, and then completely lack foresight to notice something - like say - the water being located a mile from where you parked your car and at the end of the day, your four children will most likely need to be carried back to said car?

Or, why you might forget, at the most inopportune time, that six weeks prior, you had major abdominal surgery. And, you are not suppose to be wearing a backpack, while lugging a bag full of beach gear in one arm, dragging a stroller with a toddler nibbling chocolate chip cookies with the other, and wearing a baby in a carrier on your chest?

Because if you were to remember this recent abdominal surgery, your husband might, hypothetically, be forced to run back across the blazing hot expanse of sand to get the bag and the backpack that you abandoned midway.

Why is it that children, who get carried around a large portion of the time and have their parents wait on them hand and foot, are the ones who fall asleep before the car is even started?

Yet the most important question of all ... where exactly does the sandman get his supply?


  1. Such sweet photos!!

    I was just thinking that since we are getting posts from you more frequently again, you must be starting to feel good. But then your words made me worry that you're overdoing it.

    And yeah, you probably shouldn't push a stroller and carry heavy baggage across the beach just yet.

  2. Lovely. We were fretting over where to go for a week's vacation at the end of September. Cruise, Mexico, Hawaii, Vegas, Central Coast. And then I said to Dave, "Hey, we always complain that we never get to the beach enough in summer ... and we still haven't been to the SD Zoo ... and people pay big bucks to fly here to vacation ... how about we spend the week being tourists in our home town." So that's what we're going to do. Looking forward to many days like these! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Jen, this is when you should have used your cell phone to call Flight For Life. Do you remember when I had the brilliant idea to take the kids hiking 2 miles in Red Rock Canyon by myself? I almost called Flight For Life to get them out.

  4. I love your blog! You have such a good way of telling the whole story!

  5. Oh, the pictures, the adorable pictures. Love that last one. Priceless.

  6. Way too cute! The beach is so much fun for kids this age!

    Hey Michele s - No Flight For Life jokes! LOL... just kidden... had to use it once...hahaha...long story..... darn kidney stones!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! They are all darling! I love how you look at life!

  8. awh! I'm jealous, I want to sit on the beach covered with sand!

    cute pictures BTW!

  9. Ahhhhhh, you captured it all to well. We love the beach, too. Nothing like the sand & sun to knock the kidlets out.

  10. Amazing photos! So beautiful!h