Friday, July 06, 2007

my littlest love

Charlie brought the children in to the hospital to meet their baby brother for the first time, today.

That's a story worthy of it's own post.

Particularly the part about after they left when I was all alone with our newborn and desperately needed to get up and use the restroom when I discovered that the controls to lower my hospital bed were dead.

Of course the reason they were dead is because William one of our three toddlers, had stealthily scurried behind the bed and unplugged it from the wall.

He also unplugged the telephone and the critical call switch for my nurse. So, once everyone was gone, I sat vulnerably perched ... ten inches higher than normal ... completely unable to call for help, wondering how I was going to get down without ripping the alligator clips out of my incision.

My doctor told me that it is when you push yourself, just a little bit, that you heal. I discovered it's also when you begin speaking in tongues and praying that your insides don't fall out.

Unfortunately, when Charlie went home - he left the camera next to my bedside - so the pictures of William, Elizabeth & Carolyn going absolutely nuts over the new baby, will have to wait.

In the meantime, here are a few photos of our newest addition ... he-who-still-has-not-yet-been-named. Otherwise known as "my littlest love."

The doctors and nurses have convinced me to stay in the hospital through the weekend - so we've promised ourselves that we will have his name picked out by the time I am discharged on Sunday. (Although, technically, we have two weeks before we have to submit the birth certificate.)

Check out the puffy feet and fat rolls on his legs. Why, he looks just like his mama...

Not quite sure why Charlie has been so tired lately. I'm the one who looks like they've been hit by a freight train...

Our little guy is a champion nurser, pooper, sleeper and he's cried no more than 10 minutes in his first 48 hours of life. I just jinxed us, didn't I?

If anyone would have told me a few years ago that we would have four children in less than three years - I would have thought they were drunk.

Yet today, when I sat in my hospital bed, looking in to the faces of our beautiful children, I felt completely humbled that God has blessed us so richly. The song that Julie Andrews sang in "The Sound of Music" immediately popped in to my head.

"Nothing comes from nothing. Nothing ever should. But somewhere in my youth or childhood ... I must have done something good."

Of course I had this moment before I realized that William had unplugged my bed leaving me high and dry. And then that pesky song from "Oliver Twist" once again popped in to my head.

It's a good thing he's so cute.


  1. Lol,are you sure William didn't have any help?! Our trips do wonders when working together.

    Your 4th is a very healthy looking baby. He is so cute! Congrats!

    Get some much needed rest. All the fun starts when you go home. :D

    Mrs. Carrot

  2. From the other side of the world (Australia), from someone who's never commented before, congratulations.
    He's gorgeous, as they all are, and I can't believe I can be this excited for someone I don't know from Adam.
    Well done.

  3. Just beautiful!
    Enjoy your hospital stay. I wish I had stayed longer.

  4. He's precious! I'm sure he seems like a 3 month old to you, but I think he seems tiny. Enjoy him and good luck with the naming!

  5. Jen, he is absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way. Austin has never cried more than 10 minutes in his WHOLE LIFE, so I don't think you jinxed yourself. I think God gives us lucky triplet moms the serene singleton as a richly deserved reward. You are going to enjoy him so much.

  6. awh! He's just beautiful!!

    enjoy your "vacation" :)

  7. Oh, he is soooo adorable! Congrats!

  8. I understand your thoughts precisely... I too, at times feel so blessed that I can't even stand it.

    But again, like you, if someone would have told me that I would have 5 kids under the age of two at the age of 29, I would've hit them.

    But I love it!!

  9. Oh, he's gorgeous!! I can't wait to hear his name!

  10. Your kids plus my kids makes 6 kids up for sale. we can sell them as a "lot of children" in bulk on ebay...any takers??

    In one week my toddler ruined the babies mobile ($35), drew with ink on my beautiful table ($400), and shorted out the wires to the baby moniter ($35).

    Congrats on your latest accomplishment. Can't wait to hear his stories.

  11. You could name him after the "real live nephew of Uncle Sam" whatever his name is...


    Those feet are ADORABLE. I'm not sure I've ever seen fat rolls on feet like that.

    I came here by way of Code Yellow and got hooked by the post, "is it a boy or a girl" "neither..."

  12. You're gorgeous and baby is gorgeous! Can't wait to talk to you! Love from the Bartees!

  13. Mmmmmmmm......yummy baby! Enjoy 'him'!

  14. I actually like the name "firecracker" its unique, but I think if you stick with "my littlest love" he will surely get beat up. He sure is cute.

  15. julia pratt7/7/07, 12:48 PM

    Wow!!! I cannot believe it, Jen! He's gorgeous!!! I am so happy for ya'll!

  16. He is adorable, Jen!
    And remember - so is William!!! LOL

    Cloe (Carolyn's bb)

  17. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your new son is beautiful and you look fabulous! The blogging world is funny isn't it. I have been reading your blog for so long now that I feel like a really close friend has just had a baby! Glad everything went well and that the triplets love their new brother.

  18. Congrats Jen!!! He is just beautiful... I was hoping to check in and find an update like this (I have been "gone" for a while so I wasn't sure when your baby was due). I will have to check back anxiously to find out what name you've chosen.

  19. Jen CONGRATS... I got your note about my kids art work... check out tomorrow if you have the time I will have pictures.. four boys!!! wow... well if we don't see you here again we can assume you have been velcro'd to the wall or buried to your shoulders in sand at the beach... LOL.. kids are great arn't they... I have one boy and one girl 3 years apart and THEY keep me on my toes.. so I can just begin to imagin four boys... but oh what a blessing! Cant wait to see more pictures...and i will be checking in with you now...thanks for stopping by mine.

  20. Ha! I had a "dead bed" incident, too! I wondered at my boys' visit if they actually love the buttons on the bed more than they love the baby or their mom?

    littlest love is PRECIOUS. Congrats again. I'm seriously so happy for you and your family.

    Oh, and "enjoy" the hospital stay.

  21. Jen~

    Congratulations to you and the rest of your wonderful family. He is gorgeous!!

    Peace and ?JOY~

  22. He's just beautiful! Can't wait to hear what his name is...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for "Jack"

  23. Wow - a mini-Charlie for sure! Except for the puffy feet, as you mentioned.

    He's gorgeous!

  24. He's beautiful! Congrats!!!

  25. WOW! He is AWESOME! I am so glad that he is here safe and that you are healthy. You have been in my prayers. We have been gone for a week w/out internet access so I have been disconected. I am so happy for you. He is beautiful. Please get some rest before you head home and have to do it all by yourself. Congrats on your new little addition.

  26. What a beautiful addition to such a beautiful family...CONGRATS!!!

  27. I think you look terrific. He is a love bug. Congratulations, again!

  28. I popped on over here from Lots of Scotts...CONGRATS on baby #4! You are so funny, and I enjoy reading your posts! I'll be back!!!

  29. Thanks for your comment. It was fun to see one from you! I've been reading your blog for quite a while, I think since right around when you said you were pregnant with the littlest guy. I love it... you seriously crack me up with your honesty! Yes, my true desire is to work in a NICU and I can't wait! Things look promising with a hospital in my area, actually my personal top choice, so I was excited to hear from them! I just love caring for those tiny little ones... and the families that come with them. It's very fulfilling to me. Thanks for your encouragement. Congrats on the newest little man.... he is just beautiful and looks so healthy! Oh, and just for the record, my vote for a name is Henry Coleman.

  30. Hey Jen,

    This is the first time I have taken the time to check out the famous blog..... NICE!!! The baby is just BEAUTIFUL!! Don't worry about naming him yet. There will be days you will not remember it anyway..Ya KNOW!!....Remember??? "What's your name again?" "You in the red" Or As I have said when asked ~ "Which on is that?" Drawing a blank I said "Something Advent......." In the end he will have a wonderful name that his brother and sisters will remember for you. As far a William unplugging your bed, phone and emergency buttons......WELL!.....You didn't think you would get away with taking a vacation unpunished did you? How dare you take time off when there is work to be done!! Ejoy your beutiful family send Charlie our Love..... Say hello to your mom for me and tell her Mary Elizabeth wishes her a happy Birthday week!
    Love, Lisa

  31. one of many cuzzins!7/8/07, 10:42 AM

    Hi Jen!

    Oh my, he is a love! A butterball for big was that turkey your mom cooked for you? He looks about the same size! You look FABULOUS! I hope you aren't too sore and are getting the rest you deserve.

    I know I'm a day late, but send my Godmother birthday wishes for me.


  32. What a little cutie!! It's funny how such a BIG baby can still look SO small! How quickly we forget!

    He's absolutely perfect. You did a great job Momma!

    The William story is priceless...I hope your insides are ok!

  33. I'm now convinced you must name your baby Alex. I had my son on April 26th, which happened to be my due date. I was also hoping for a VBAC, but like you, they wouldn't induce and didn't want me to go past my due date because my first son was over 10 lbs. I ended up with a C-section and a 9 lb. 12 oz. baby that we named Alex after five nameless days.

    He is gorgeous and I'm so happy for you all.

  34. Congrats on your big little guy, Jen and Charlie!

    RL in IL (from Carolyn's Boards)

  35. AWE! What a beauty!!!!! Love the name - It FITS!

    Hope your both feeling well and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE!!!!!!!!!!!! What a nice gift you got again this year!

    So very thankful he is so healthy!

    Love, Marg

  36. Congrats Jen and family! Awaiting the name game finale and pictures of the triplets with little one.

  37. I didn't get around to leaving my comment of congratulations until now *hangs head in shame*

    Congrats on your new little bundle of boy! He is beautiful and I am so excited for you!

    So, what did the older sibs think of their new baby brother??

  38. Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! He's here!!! I'm so happy for you and your family. He is so precious!

  39. He is so gorgeous. Big congratulations to you and Charlie & best wishes for a speedy recovery!


  40. 1girl2boys7/9/07, 9:57 AM

    Beautiful! And you don't look that bad either! :P

    Congrats again.

  41. Congratulations! What a wonderful family!

  42. What a handsome boy you have! I can't wait to hear the name.

  43. He's beautiful. How about Oliver? Or Henry? For some reason he looks like a Henry to me. Good luck on the name and on feeling better.

  44. What an adorable little boy! I am so happy for you and PS, you look GREAT! When I look back at my pictures in the hospital after my first daughter I think, "hmm, this time I think I'll brush my hair or something before pictures!"

  45. Congrats to all six of you! Your newest treasure is absolutely gorgeous.

    -Debbie & Michael

  46. He's gorgeous!

    I agree, get some well-deserved rest!

  47. Oh and I think "Unnamed Baby Boy" is just like another version of your William!

  48. Congratulations! I stop by every now and then and read about all of your adventures. Thanks for making me laugh!
    Trisha, mommy of 13 month old trips from MN

  49. He's gorgeous!!!

    Both you and Charlie are blessed but your children are also blessed to have such wonderful parents ;)

    Jean R

  50. Wonderful names! Sometimes you must mull over names after you've seen the baby and gained a sense of his or her personality. Sounds perfect!

    Much love, Susan

  51. CONGRATULATIONS!!!...Your little one is sooo cute and you look great!!!...Thanks for making me smile (OK, I was laughing...)once again!...

  52. That song reminder made me cry. Why am I the one weepy and horomonal? Now I have to watch the sound of music. Your littlest love is so sweet, and yes, how Blessed you are. Just imagining you trying to help yourself out of bed brings back so many memories!