Wednesday, May 23, 2007

things that make me cry

This past weekend was somewhat more tolerable after my friend, Debbie, suggested that we use the dishwasher as a drying rack. Unfortunately, less than two days later, dirty water that had been in the lines before the dishwasher died, backed up and pooled on the bottom, causing a stale water and rotting food stench to fill the house every time I opened the dishwasher door.

Since then, we've had to revert to drying all of our dishes on the counter while keeping one eye on the numerous children, running around the house, that try desperately to make our lives as difficult as possible by using clean dishes as weapons against each other.

Today, after 10 days, the technician arrived to complete our long-awaited dishwasher repair.

I was on the phone in the middle of a conference call while Charlie talked to the technician, a man who was at our house about a month ago to repair a fuse on our inoperable dishwasher.

A man who convinced me that the next part on our dishwasher that would likely "go" would be the computer panel and that since a new panel costs around $200.00 ... it would be savvy to purchase a $60.00 extended warranty so that when the panel decides to "go" it would be covered.

A man who I embraced in a hug after he fixed the fuse on our dishwasher and took my check for $60.00 - because I agreed that paying $60.00 was better than $200.00.

A man that I thought because of his ability to repair our dishwasher and save me $140.00 (at some future date), was a good man indeed.

A man that today, told Charlie that it was another fuse that blew. But because the computer panel is likely to blame, he could not justify installing a $40.00 part that would only cop out in a matter of weeks. In the meantime, he would place an order for a new computer panel and be back in another week and a half to complete the installation.

A man that had at his fingertips, all the tools and equipment to complete the necessary repair so we'd at least have a functional dishwasher, but walked out of our house less than three minutes after having arrived.

A man that didn't do a single damn thing while he was here.

With one hand over the phone, because my mute capabilities on my cell phone have ceased working ... along with our stereo ... and our dishwasher ... I told Charlie that he needed to CHASE THE REPAIR MAN DOWN, STEAL HIS TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT AND KILL HIM.

Thinking that my idea was not a good one, Charlie instead called the service line for Kitchen Aid. He expressed his concern that it will be three weeks before we have a functioning dishwasher and the repairman should have installed the $40.00 part to tide us over, until the computer panel could be replaced.

During the course of this conversation, Charlie learned that the part was NOT valued at $40.00, but rather $10.00 and Kitchen Aid agreed that the repairman, who worked for a maintenance company that THEY referred, should have replaced the part. But, there was really nothing that they could do. And then, they asked Charlie if there was anything else that they could do, to help provide "excellent customer service."

It's probably a good thing I wasn't the one on the phone because my temper would have undoubtedly boiled over. Whenever William spilled his juice today and yelled "OH SHEET!" I know that I need to do a better job watching my word choice around our children.

Or, at least start spelling more.

While I'm debating running out and buying a whole new dishwasher, I receive a call from my girl friend, Debbie (introduced above as the woman who made my life easier for two whole days by suggesting I use our dishwasher as a drying rack). Debbie also has 2.5-year old triplets and lives about a mile down the street.

She was calling to tell me that another of our fellow triplet moms, was sending out a plea for help and prayers because her 16-year old daughter has been missing since Saturday. Although they are still unclear as to whether she ran away from home or was lured from the house ... the fact remains that her 16-year old child is missing. This is her picture and information because there is always a chance that someone that sees it - might recognize her.

Within minutes, I received an e-mail from a neighbor who was sending out a request for prayers because her 35-year old daughter, a mother to two young children, has taken a turn for the worst and is rapidly losing her battle to breast cancer.

The phone rang again. This time from my Aunt Grace (Carolyn Grace's namesake). She was calling to tell me that our children are adorable - my blog is a highlight of her day - and her knee replacement surgery from six weeks ago has been unsuccessful. She will be having another round of major surgery to hopefully make the necessary repairs so that she can bend her leg and walk again.

I no sooner hung up and the phone rang once more. This time from my good friend, Virginia, who was calling to tell me that over Mother's Day weekend, her 39-year old friend, a mother to three young children, was killed on a camping trip when she took one final ride on her ATV, just moments before packing up and going home.

I called to talk with my mother, and hopefully, be cheered up. Mom told me that our family friend, Mary, who underwent an aorta replacement for her heart last week, was currently hooked up to life support and not expected to survive.

At this moment in time ... I have my children, I have my husband and we all have our health.

Suddenly, going three weeks without a dishwasher doesn't seem like the worst thing possible.


  1. Heart renching. I am crying now. I will keep your family and all these other precious families in my prayers.

  2. Jen- I so wish you lived right by me. I would send Greg right over and you'd have a dishwasher that was operable in a matter of minutes. He can fix anything. He's got an awesome set of tools.

    I sure hope they find your daughter's friend and that all the other friends and relatives are on the mend.

    I sure hope you have a dishwasher before you have Nemo.

  3. Wow -- that's quite a gut check. Thanks for sending me some perspective. You are so very right!

  4. wow so many heartaches for so many people. we often think and feel we are in the worst situation and then we look around and realize how blessed we are.
    praying for all those people whose hearts are breaking right now.

  5. Update: Helena has been found!!! She is back with her family now, and they are all incredibly thankful for the support they received from the community. A missing child has been reunited with her family. I can only hope other families with missing children get their reunions soon.