Thursday, May 03, 2007

in all fairness

How could I possibly let the girls go to dance class wearing their new tutus and not let William do the same?

Elizabeth is the dancer in our group. She loved it and hung by the teacher's side the entire class.

William preferred to catch a ride on Charlie's back when we had to "swim like a dolphin".

Meanwhile, Carolyn preferred to hang on my pant leg and scream.

As much fun as the kids had in dance, they particularly enjoyed playing in the rock garden just outside the classroom. Although they may not know how to use a potty or drink from a cup, they certainly know how to differentiate an augen gneiss from a porphyritic granite.

Little geologists, in the making. We are so proud.

Charlie is also proud that William will soon have a little brother. He keeps saying something about needing "more testosterone" in the house.

Whatever that means.


  1. How darling! It looks like you guys had a much better dance class today! See? Two down, one to go. One more week, I tell ya! Love the tutus!!!

  2. "Although they may not know how to use a potty or drink from a cup, they certainly know how to differentiate an augen gneiss from a porphyritic granite."

    :::SNORT::: this made me spew my starbucks on the monitor... hahaha thanks for the laugh!

  3. I am soooo disappointed that Charlie is not wearing a tutu! Maybe cuz he's such a Gneiss guy... LOL...

  4. delurking to say that I love your blog!! I remember you from some of the bb & found your link via Tertia's "so close" ~ your both rock as writers.

    My Son is "William" too. Lately, he's taken to calling himself "big W". He'll be 3 in August ~ (we lost his twin in the 2nd trim) but I'm amazed at your 3 & your "Amazing Journey". LOVE IT!

  5. It was like déjà vu looking at your post today.
    William looks gorgeous, as do the girls.
    You are looking great for 31 weeks, I can't belive how fast is going.I can't wait to meet Nemo

  6. You don't know me but Duncan Scarborough and my daughter are school chums (see the "engagement picture on his mama's blog). Anyhoo, his mom shared your blog with me and I love it. I especially love William's tutu. He'll be so in touch with his feminine side and will make an excellent husband!

  7. Dad and Kathleen5/4/07, 9:47 AM

    We remember when we brought the children their tutus and William had to fight to get his away from Charlie!
    Enjoy each moment.
    Poppa Alex and Grandma K

  8. They look so cute except for Gracie. Poor thing---I hope to be able to help with that when I come.
    Great Blog---Adorable.

  9. Sooo cute! Love the tutus!!!

  10. That is a winner Jen, I think Charlie looked great too. Gracie looks so much like Beth, keep up the great work thoes children are adorable.Love /aunt Grace

  11. There is something fundamentaly wrong with dressing your BOY in a tutu!!

  12. Can you say, "gender confusion"?

  13. Anon: When it has to do with a 2-year old, no, I cannot say "Gender Confusion."

    And more than that: I believe it is fundamentally wrong, at this age, to not allow our BOY to do things that our GIRLS do.

    Regardless of what any one else may think - I believe that we are raising well rounded kids. And quite frankly - our opinion on the matter is all that counts.

  14. Jen, there's no need to defend yourself to someone who so obviously suffers from testosterone overload.

  15. Okay, this is totally random, but I noticed that your very beautiful kids are wearing the imitation Crocs from Payless. I believe that they have been recalled due to a choking hazard with the rivets that hold the strap on. You can bring them back to Payless and they will give you a refund. Anyway, these pics are so cute.