Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day 2: It continues...

When I spoke to our pediatrician yesterday afternoon, he said that the virus our kids have most likely picked up, will last for 5-days.

According to Dr. J, typically, the vomiting lasts for 36 hours, diarrhea then kicks in and lasts for approximately 3-4 days. All told, he said it should be gone in a week. I told him that after our 2-week vomit fest in October, I would hold him to that.

Today, I watched the clock. Because the vomiting began at 1:00 AM, yesterday morning, I fully expected the vomiting to stop at 1:00 PM, today. Sharp.

That's what the doctor said. 36-hours. Thirty six.

Tonight, all three kids threw up before we put them to bed. So, as of this writing, the vomiting has lasted for more than 36-hours ... we're at 42-hours and counting. Don't think for a moment Dr. J won't be hearing from me, tomorrow. That's right - I'm calling to complain.

I don't think there are words to express just how much despair we feel. It's the absolute worst watching your children so sick that they can barely lift their head off the couch - and there is very little you can do about it. It's almost as bad, watching them throw-up and instead of aiming for a bucket, they turn their head and vomit on the one part of your couch that is not covered in towels.

We gave all three of the kids baths and put them to bed at 7 PM, last night. They woke up every hour, on the hour, crying for "juice." Not that they really wanted juice, per se - but they wanted something to drink. The poor little things are completely parched. Unfortunately, we couldn't give them more than a tablespoon at a time, because otherwise, they would wretch. So, we'd give them a sip of water and refuse any more fluids - despite their weak cries.

It was awful.

The good news was that there was hardly any vomiting last night. (Because, obviously, there was hardly anything in their systems which to throw up.) Incorrectly assuming that everyone was feeling better, this afternoon, I fed them Jell-O and applesauce. Not much - just a teaspoon or two, per child. But within a half our, they threw every single bit of it up. And then some.

As counterintuitive as it might seem ... what I've learned from this experience is that we shouldn't be "pumping" fluids. We should be giving them an ice chip or two every 15 minutes. That's it. No more, no less. Their little systems cannot handle big swigs of Gatorade at this point - no matter how badly they might want it.

Now, within the past 42-hours, here are some things that have really surprised me:

1) Our children have slept for almost 22 hours in the past 24. They woke up this morning at 7 AM. All three of them were brought to bed with us, where they continued to sleep until 10 AM. They woke up, were transferred to the couch, and slept for another 2 hours. They were changed out of their PJ's, transferred to their cribs, and slept for another 4 hours. They woke up, were given baths, put into clean PJ's and transferred back to the couch - where they slept just long enough for Charlie and I to transfer them back to their cribs - wherein they continue their slumber. This is like having three newborns in the house again. They wake up every hour throughout the night ... there is massive amounts of laundry ... massive amounts of sleeping (for them - not us) ... and massive amounts of whining by both Charlie and I, "When will this get better?! I can't take it anymore...!!!!"

2) As awful as it is seeing our kids so sick - I love holding them and not having them squirm after 5 seconds to get away. Infact, they want nothing more than to be in my arms. I love that part. I don't like it when they wake up and throw up all over me. Vomit is much worse than spit-up.

3) Television. I hardly ever watch it - but it has been on non-stop since this ordeal began. I 've learned some fascinating things. Like ...

3a) I cannot believe that people would spend over $10,000 dollars on a dress for the Golden Globes ... when they could buy an ABS knock-off for $300.00. In my Adidas sweatpants and barf covered sweatshirt ... I know I'm not a fashion statement. Infact, my sister-in-law Kathy told me that she was going to nominate me for "What NOT to Wear" if I don't get my act together soon. But, $10,000 dollars for a dress? I honestly don't get it. That could buy you a new car.

3b) American Idol. Seriously. Do these people have NO friends or family to tell them that they absolutely stink and should NEVER EVER ever, ever, ever, ever go on national television and sing, or dance, or juggle? My heart really bleeds for these people. I will cringe watching the show - especially when the panel of judges ask the contestant to please stop singing and they don't. Or, when after the contestant is told that they have no talent and rather than gracefully exit stage left, they have a complete meltdown in front of the cameras. These people need a friend like me because I would truthfully tell them if they had a snowball's chance in hell to go to Hollywood, before they went on a show that is watched by over 37 million people.

4) My hands, when a bowl, bucket or pan are not handy ... make a great "catch basin". However, I seriously doubt that I'd be able to "catch" anything that came from anyone other than my children ... without requiring a bowl, bucket or pan of my own.

That's it from the sick bay. I'm continuing to hope and pray that tomorrow is a better day for our kiddos. Now, I've gotta run. American Idol's on and I can't bear to miss the train wreck talent they find in Seattle.


  1. Jen- Man, oh man.... I FEEL your pain. I mean I DO! I've so been there, done that. In the last WEEK for crying out loud!!! Is this some conspiracy against triplets? Is there some biological warfare against multiples going on?

    I hope your little guys feel better right away. And I sincerely hope you and Charlie don't get it. Hang in there. It will only be 7 or 8 more days.

  2. My heart went out to you all when I saw the picture of your babies on the couch! That is so sad! My little Jax is not feeling so hot tonight, and after reading yours, I realize I have nothing to complain about! I hope they feel better soon! Poor babies!

  3. I so feel for you. It's been several years since I've had all my kids sick at the same time, but it is the worst thing ever...except for that cuddling thing. I REALLY hope this passes quickly!
    Americal Idol is so funny...and painful to watch. I love it!

  4. Good lord, that sounds hard. Best of luck and enjoy the snuggle time.

  5. All I can say about the sickness is that I am praying for your babies. And you and Charlie. Watching your children suffer is THE WORST THING EVER.

    As for American Idol. I so agree. I have never watched a whole episode because I can actually feel myself blush for the contestants that just do not belong up there. I would certainly tell my friend or family member not to go on there if they would just humiliate themselves. I would say something like "...dear, not everybody has the gift of singing. Let's look elsehwere for your gift."

    Again, prayers for your precious family.

  6. I saw the juggler/singer/tap dancer and I too wondered how did he not know he was bad?
    I would love to be a good singer. I'm not. BUT I know it.

    I hope you guys are better today!

  7. The picture of the kids just broke my heart. I know what you mean about liking the fact that they'll let you hold them though...minus the vomit and/or diarrhea.

    I just don't know what to say except hang in there. It sounds like a nasty virus.

    Maybe you shouldn't continue writing about your NICU experience. It seems like everytime you start posting about it the kids get sick........ha ha!

  8. Okay, we have this at our house too and what they may have left out is... all that lovingly topped off with an EAR INFECTION. (The joys!)

  9. Jenna-
    Remember, God cannot give you more than you can handle... get those kids better so we (Shayna) can come down there and play in the new bouncer!

    As for AI, I'm so happy that no one has butchered, "Ain't no mountain high enough..." That one always seems to get people in trouble. That show has ruined that song for me!!! LOL

  10. Oh Jen, I am so sorry! We will keep you in our prayers. Have you tried the Walmart/Parents Choice Pedialyte? That always works with Kyle, he only likes the grape though. We keep extra bottles on hand at our house and my mom's. I think they make popsicles too. Kyle sends hugs & kisses!

  11. OH MAN!! The picture of your little on the couch is so sad! I know when my daughter is sick it is no tea party. I hope they feel better soon.

    Another note, I know what you mean about American Idol. I was able to catch the last hour last night after I put my daughter to sleep and I just don't get it. Year after year the *talented* folks come to audition in droves. I do wonder if they have EVER sang out loud (besides in their cars) to anyone else.

  12. I'll say a prayer for the Amazing Trips and hopefully they are back to their cute little selves soon.

  13. my prayers are still with you and your family. praying that all three little ones get well real soon =)

  14. SOOOOOO sorry...hope you all are better soon!