Saturday, September 09, 2006

Problem Solved!

Here's the thing. I try to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. That's great for my digestive system ... but not so great for those times when I am out in public, by myself, with our children.

Whenever I go out, by myself, it damn near always happens that I am struck by the urge to use the restroom. One adult + Three toddlers + One public bathroom = Not a very good situation. Especially when you are a germophobe. My options are severely limited. As such, I'll often ask myself do I:

1) Bring all three kids with me only to have them TOUCH every disgusting item in a public restroom??

2) Try to maneuver the massive triplet stroller in to the stall??

3) Take the chance of leaving the triplet stroller outside the stall with my three precious children inside, completely unattended?? OR ...

4) Hold it and rush home.

It's a dilemma. It's an even worse dilemma when you've REALLY got to go.

Unless there is an enormously large handicap stall that I can occupy - there are usually no stalls large enough to hold our triplet stroller. Because I never want to leave our children unattended ... my only option is to bring all three kids in to the bathroom with me ... and then furiously scrub them down with Purell and antiseptic wipes.

Although I haven't provided all the details of our potty-training saga ... I will give the teaser that these days ... our children love following me in to the bathroom. They absolutely rejoice in being anywhere close to "The Potty." The love seeing "The Potty" - they love touching "The Potty" - they even love trying to kiss "The Potty." Yes, it's true.

With that in mind ... during my recent internet travels - I stumbled upon this gadget which I think might solve my public restroom dilemma. More than that ... I whole heartedly believe that this one little contraption might simplify my life in more ways than I could ever possibly imagine.

Think of it.

I could go to friend's houses ... I could go to church ... I could go to public restrooms ... I could cook, clean and maybe even take a nap. All the while, my kids would have a great time - just hanging around.


  1. OMG, it's perfect! I need one of those!! Too funny. You KNOW a mom invented that.

    BTW, where are you and I taking our vacation?? Hawaii does sound lovely but it's expensive. You and I need something more ...hmmm. What am I thinking? Hawaii will be perfect :)

  2. Absolutely hilarious! How funny that I had not read your post and had the same experience.
    This would be a great solution for that time of know 5pm-6pm when everyone is going bonkers, including Mom!!!

  3. THAT is AWESOME!!!

    I was actually daydreaming of something similar the other day as a way to enforce "time out" for naughtiness - since my boys laugh in the face of discipline and hop right off the time out chair.

    I do love the bathrooms that have the little fold-down seat with the belts for children - it has saved me a couple times - but I'm pretty sure no public restroom planner would ever think to install two or three of those in one stall, huh?

  4. That is hilarious! I've never seen such a thing before.

  5. I definitely need a few of those! They'd come in handy!

  6. that is a brilliant idea! i loooooove it.

  7. I saw that on another blog and thought it was totally ingenious! My dad used to hang the rambunctious little boys he babysat on door knobs by their overalls to get them under control for bedtime. Of course, that wouldn't make the potty training very easy would it?

    Going to the restroom in public places with triplets - yet another difficulty I had failed to imagine!

  8. Hi Jen -
    Love the door hanger, I'd also love to see your three hanging all on one handicapped stall door!!

    I have a hard time with just one and going to the rest room in public, I've finally given up privacy and just park the stroller in front of the stall and leave the door open.

  9. I just use the handicapped stall...