Friday, September 08, 2006

Can it be ...

Guess what we're working on?

Here's a hint:

After my monthly triplet mama dinner tonight, I don't have the brain power to dive in to the details on our experiences with the potty. Maybe tomorrow I'll muster the energy and courage to review why I'm prepared to keep our children in diapers until they are 5. Or 8.

They have those pull-ups ... right?


  1. I wish you better luck than I had...for lots of reasons, but I do want your tips!!!

  2. Oh my you're so brave. I definitely haven't started that yet. Good luck to you.

  3. Great---Elizabeth looks interested. She will be the first and teach all the others. Just takes a little patience. Remember that Rome was not built in a day and there are bound to be some accidents---but the troubles are all behind ---keep going. Help is on the way. Relax--go with the flow----oops thats funny.
    The Plumbers DAughter

  4. What is the deal with unrolling the toilet paper? What is so fun about that? Shayna got a hold of it this morning and unleashed a 12 foot long trail of TP! Gotta smile!

  5. we are working on this too!
    duncan loves to sit on the potty, anything else that may happen is just incidental at this point!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    also, i will be interested to see if william is harder to potty train than the girls.

  6. Hi! We got the picture today! Adorable! Loved the note from the kids!

    So Sorry I haven't read or kept up lately but I have been so busy, school has started and the RACE is on!

    Volunteer/Bus Driver/Manager/
    Motivational Speaker/Sports Commentator/Teacher/MOM!!! YUGH!

    Reiner took a look at your blog for the first time. He's hooked, Now HE want's TRIPLETS!!! (He'll call you for the formula!)

    This one brings back memories. I hear it's easier w/girls best of luck with it all.

    Thanks again for thinking of us.
    My Husband just said I go on to much...ME of ALL people!!
    Tisk, Tisk.
    P.S. We've moved; so new address. Give it to you later.

  7. Guess I do! :-)

  8. potty training is my least favorite parenting activity! Good luck!!!