Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Monkey See, Monkey Do. Monkey Do. Monkey Do.

It's becoming increasingly clear that the kids imitate whatever we do - and - whatever our dog Molly does.

Seeing our children trying to carry around a clean tennis ball in their mouth is adorable. Seeing my beautiful baby boy kneel down to lap up a puddle like our dog, makes me cringe. But it also makes me grab my camera.

What does that say about me? I hope it says that I'm all about capturing the moment. We have a lot of moments around here and I capture quite a few of them. Thank goodness for digital cameras. (Honestly - we'd be living in a tent if we had to pay to develop all the pictures I've snapped off since our children have arrived.)

Speaking of moments ... this was the scene in our kitchen last week. But the same scene played out this morning, too. Infact, the same exact scene plays out each time we sit down to eat. If there are bowls on the table ... I'll bet everyone's Cheerios that before too much time, there will be kids with bowls on their heads.

I knew it wouldn't be too much time before Elizabeth taught her brother and sister the art of undressing. As I cleaned up breakfast in the kitchen this morning, Elizabeth skillfully peeled off her snap-up pajamas. Carolyn Grace was next ... and William, a bit later.

Since we can't use nightgowns... and now, zippers and snap-up sleepers have been conquered, I'm not sure what to do. I think I might have found another application for duct tape.


  1. OMG...the pic of William drinking from the puddle is priceless! Reading your blog sure gives me insight into what I have to look forward to:-)

  2. Ooh I love the froggy bowls! I just saw those this morning on Bear when he was visiting some little girl. Where did you get those?

  3. Shayna still uses (and loves) her froggie bowl! The suctiony rubber thingie on the bottom is toast, so she proudly wears it on her the Amazing Trips! I will give her dinner with it tonight and snap a photo of her wearing it as a hat! That way, in 20 years, when our children are hanging out together, they can look back at their pictures and giggle - like we are doing now! :\

  4. Monkey see monkey do is also going on around our house....with EVERYTHING.

    I love your picture sequence from left to right...everyone taking a turn to put the bowl on their head. They're so intelligent!

    I'm glad to see you are finally human though...superwoman...I've been frustrated with mine for a while but I've never heard you say that!! Mine haven't even started to take off their clothes yet (I'm whispering that so they can't hear me. As soon as I say it, I'll be posting about it tomorrow or the next day.)

    Duct tape sounds like a good option to me!!!!!!!!

  5. Found you while blogging around....I have to say your Santa picture is just priceless!!!!

    Oh and I have to agree....I never thought I would want my kids to watch Four men in coloured shirts who couldn't make it years ago as a rock band (The Cockroaches)sing to my kids....but they love them!!!!

  6. Hi Jen,

    Have you tried putting the pjs on backwards? If that doesn't work, I say duct tape the little streakers. :-)

    Good luck!


  7. I had an "undresser" too! i cut off the feet and then zipped her in backwards. She couldn't get undressed then! :)

  8. around our house it is also "monkey HEAR, monkey SAY"....not good when you haven't quite wiped all of the profanity from your vocabulary.

  9. Now Jen the trick is to teach them to dress themselves. They are so smart, it won't be long, love the puddle, but don't you give the dog a bowl???

  10. The title alone is hilarious...and the subsequent bowl on head - bowl on head - bowl on head pictures are adorable. I am so glad you are catching all of this...every moment is precious. And you are right - you have a lot of them!

  11. I have truly enjoyed reading your blog. You are an amazing mother and have an amazing family. Thank you for sharing your touching stories. I am also from where you live, so I enjoy seeing pictures and hearing stories from the area. Makes me miss the San Diego area!

  12. I love it! Kids are just like that. If one kid is doing something they shouldn't the others are sure to follow.