Friday, August 25, 2006

Can you feel the love?

Within the past month, our kids babies have started to display affection towards one another and towards us. Of course, they're also smacking and biting each other more than ever ... but every so often, we get a glimpse of a hug - or a kiss - and it melts our heart.

As for me, I particularly love the huge hugs that I get when I pick them up, and they wrap their little arms tightly around my neck and rest their head on my shoulder.

Ah, my babies.

These are the very moments I've waited my whole life to experience.

(Yes. They're still babies to me.)

It's nice to see these acts of compassion, although sometimes the compassion is on the heels of victimization.

As a purely hypothetical example (which very well might have occurred at least twenty-two times, today): William is playing with a new toy truck ... Gracie sees new toy truck, wants new toy truck, takes new toy truck. William cries. Gracie, with new toy truck in her grasp, runs off and retrieves William's blankie, which she then hands to William, gives William a kiss on the head ... and then sits and happily plays with new toy truck. While William continues to mourn the loss of the new toy truck.

Suck it up, buddy. You've got your blankie, right?!

William recovers. William spots Mom's cell phone that is sitting precariously on the counter. William maneuvers cell phone off the counter and smiles happily at his prize. Elizabeth sees William with cell phone, takes cell phone away from William, sending William in to a fit of crying. Elizabeth with cell phone in her grasp, runs off and retrieves William's blankie, which she then hands to William, gives William a kiss on the head ... and then sits and happily plays with Mom's cell phone. All the while William continues to mourn the loss of Mom's cell phone.

Life can be tough for William with two younger sisters that insist on tormenting him. It's just that William always has his eyes scanning the horizon for things to play with. Unfortunately, his sisters appear to be incapable of finding fun stuff to play with for themselves ... and thus they lie in wait to take away whatever he finds.

And so it goes.

There are few things cuter than seeing our children give one another a kiss ... a hug ... or greet us when we come home from work with a peck on the cheek. Affection is finally being shown to one another, and reciprocated to us.

It certainly beats the alternative.


  1. The last photo contrasted with the first is priceless!

    This also supports my theory that boys will think of and find things to "play" with that girls would never think of on their own. Not that girls don't enjoy playing with them in the end - it's just that the search and destroy instinct is stronger in a little boy. At least that's my theory. ;)

    I'm sure it baffles Gracie and Elizabeth that the blankie doesn't pacify him, too.

    I think my kids will always be my "babies" - and we've earned the right to refer to them as such - we gave birth to them, after all!

    Very fun post.

  2. That's funny! One of my boys has a blankie too and whenever his brother sees him crying for whatever reason, he runs over and gives it to him. Love the pictures!

  3. I always call my boys "my babies". THEY ARE!!! And I will continue to do so also.

    I love the kisses and hugs your kids give each other. We are a very affectionate family too. The boys are really giving out the hugs and kisses these days, but not too much to each other. It takes something pretty spectacular to get Cade to kiss Jace. Jace is the sweety and TRIES every night at bedtime to kiss his brother to no avail!

    I LOVE the pic at the end! Too funny.

  4. The first photo is SOO beautiful. I love they way their arms and hands are also giving the cuddle (hope you know what I mean). The last photo is a very familiar scene.

  5. This is my first time visiting you and I am in AWE... the amazing parents of THREE at once!!

  6. That is SO sweet! So much fun to read about them and the pictures are adorable!

    Thanks so much for visiting my site! (And I STILL call my girls babies sometimes- and they are 7 and 4!) :)

  7. Yippee yay. Just read your blog for 1st time. Your babes are too cute! My last little one is 26 months and has just pottytrained herself so no day nappies. Am even a little sad, wierd hey? My son is 10 and its so strange to have such a big boy. Today was a beautiful day so we took the kids out for calamari and chips and then played on the beach for 2 hours. My girls age 2 & 4 standing in the waves and shrieking with laughter, my boy swimming in the cold sea and my husband happy in the sun. Simple times are the best times. Your kids obviously give you huge pleasure, delicious little people!
    Thanks for the blankies, we have someone on the way to the US as we speak so she can bring back with her. Take pics of the things you send and mail to Bridgette so she can post on my blog. (sorry, still cyberphobic!)
    xxx Mel

  8. ok, stalker i updated my blog.

    cute pictures!

  9. That is so sweet! It's actually amazing that they have learned to "trade" instead of just grab. That's a very good skill for toddlers to have, and a hard one to teach them. I imagine with the 3 of them living together, their social skills are going to naturally be advanced!

  10. I am loving this stage as well! Monkey is the same age as your three. But it boggles my mind to think of it at three times Monkey's velocity! Whew! Blows my mind.

  11. once again you said this:
    It's nice to see these acts of compassion, although sometimes the compassion is on the heels of victimization.


    i'm loving your blog. where have you been all my blogging life. i so need a laugh right now you have NO idea :)