Friday, June 09, 2006

Hydrangea ... My Sincerest Apologies

When we first moved in to our home, I planted a small hydrangea in the back yard. Through the years, this plant has grown larger and more beautiful, typically blooming it’s bright pink flowers only once a year.

Unfortunately, more than 90% of the blooms have been pulled off and partially consumed by three toddlers. Such is the price our plant has to pay as our children learn to “Stop and destroy mangle eat Smell the Flowers”.

On a different note, I find it interesting that although I have beautiful ribbons and bows for the girls’ hair … the only one that will allow me to do anything with their hair, is our boy, William.

I have a suspicion the days of styling our son’s hair in ponytails will be short lived.

Hopefully, our back yard full of beautiful flowering plants aren't too traumatized and die off as a result of the omniverous trio that have set up camp. And if they do, oh well. These are truly magical moments and I'm trying to treasure them all.

Like the bright pink flowers on our hydrangea (and most likely, William's ponytail once Charlie sees this post) these moments are are hair today, gone tomorrow.


  1. Oh, how precious!
    What's funny is that he looks like such a little man in that picture--not feminine at all, despite the ponytail!!!

  2. They are so sweet! Found your site through The big yellow house!

    Your kids are beautiful!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. :-) Come back whenever.

    You are my hero(ine) for having triplets! I know, I know, we just do whatever we can. Your kiddos are very cute. I'll have to go back through your archives when it's not so late to read more about your family!

    Anyway, it is late and I am tired. I turned the monitor back up, but I'm hoping T (9.5 months) will sleep through the night. She's close to doing it again and she's done it before so she can.


  4. (hero thing from below :-)

    More soon... I am tired. I'm getting punchy!

  5. So funny! I cannot wait until Alyssa is to the age of exploration. Sure does keep you on your toes, huh?! And the pictures you always get of them are priceless. I love the action shots where they are not necessarily looking straight into the camera. It really captures the moment. You are awesome! And your trips are so adorable. William looks so handsome, despite his ponytail.

  6. Our flowers suffer the same fate as yours. We have more inside the house in various vases than are ever on a single plant at one time. It's so hard to tell them no when they pick them for me!!!! Love the pony tail. We have a great picture of my brother with curlers in his hair.

  7. How beautiful the children look and how healthy the plants and the children look. Flowers are meant to be picked and smelled and I am so glad they are doing that.
    There is a woman in my neighborhood with two big signs saying "DO NOT PICK THE FLOWERS".
    How sad!

  8. I love your flowers, they are beautiful. Your kids are beautiful too. Love Williams' hair. When my boys were little, they liked to paint their nails. DH didn't like that as much, but they grew out of it, and are completely normal.

  9. Deana from Rubber Ducky6/17/06, 11:52 PM

    LOL!! Jen I was catching up on your life & how the kids are doing and I just started cracking up when I saw William's hair up in that pony tail. That is hilarious. That will be one to share w/ his girlfriends later in life. So glad you shared