Friday, February 26, 2016

crossing the bridge

This past weekend, William bridged from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.


I am so proud of him for this accomplishment,  and so proud of Charlie for how he has supported him on this journey.  Also, for finishing up the Arrow of Light a few minutes before the ceremony began.


My husband really deserves so much credit with the success William has had in Cub Scouts. Charlie was his devoted Den Leader for four and a half years (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelo I and 1/2 year of Webelo II); found a new Pack for him to join in Texas after we moved - and has continued to encourage him to wrap up his Super Achiever award, which is no small feat ... particularly when you move and are joining a new Den.

They're both awesome and I'm so proud.

Here's the day, in pictures...

William, being handed his Arrow of Light.  I'd handed my camera to our good friend, Jon, and after doing so, quickly realized that I had no tissues so couldn't remain on the stage.


I've now retreated from the stage - found a box of tissues - and take pictures of Charlie removing William's Cub Scout kerchief...


Blue Cub Scout tabs from his shoulders...


And his Cub Scout hat.


He then shook hands with his Cub Master, who held that handshake for a long moment, while he had some important words of wisdom to share about the road ahead.


I'm telepathically communicating with my husband, "PSST ... I HAVE TISSUES..."


William selects a black Sharpie ...


To write his name alongside the names of all the other Cub Scouts who have crossed the Pack's  bridge to Boy Scouts.


And then ... just like that, he crossed the bridge.

That wasn't so bad!  I thought.


And it wasn't ... for the two whole milliseconds until the group of YOUNG MEN met him on the other side.


This troop of young men quickly set to work.


Affixing his olive green Boy Scout tabs to his shoulders...


Tying on his Boy Scout kerchief, which hung down way past his itty bitty belly button...


And sliding his Boy Scout kerchief holder in to place.


The nose was sniffling, and the eyes were weeping because ... my baby.


MY BABY!   The days are indeed long, but the years are far too short.


We left the Blue and Gold Banquet (I'm sure he looks older here) ...


And headed straight to the soccer field, where Henry's Ricardo's team won their fourth straight game...


While his big brother practiced his mad soccer skills.


See?! Totally awesome!


I'm so proud.  :)