Monday, August 24, 2015

now ... with pictures!!! >> first day of school ... first day of school!

It's been a while since I've had a chance to sit down and update my blog ... a lot has happened since my last post.  We moved from Virginia to Texas, unpacked hundreds of boxes, unloaded five truck loads to Goodwill and the dump (and I thought I had purged well before we moved), found the local grocery store, registered the children for school, scheduled two to have their tonsils and adenoids removed (next week!), and have been trying to "set up camp" at our new digs.

At some point I hope to have some time to sit down and write about each of those things in a bit more detail, because there is an incredible story for the memory banks within each situation.

Alas, the older our children grow, the less hours there are in the day. I'm not sure how it's possible, but it's true.  Consider....  ZOOM, today was the first day of fifth grade, and second grade.



(Pinch me.)

Henry is at a different school than his siblings, and his bus picked him up this morning at 7:15 AM.   Which is approximately 45 minutes earlier than when the bus picked him up in Virginia ... or to be technical, 55 minutes earlier than how long our bus driver would sit and wait for us at the top of the hill.   God Bless that Mr. Yani. 

The trio's bus didn't arrive until 8:20 AM, but they were up, dressed, fed, and waiting with their wittle brother to wave him goodbye.  William then spent 30 minutes doing P90X because he had some nervous energy to work out.  I'd like to think he gets that from me, but no... my nervous energy is usually resolved with a nap.  Usually after I vacuum the couch cushions.


When the kids arrived home this afternoon, we met all the neighborhood children at the bus stop with a wagon full of lemonade and banana muffins.  Greeting the kids on the first day of school with lemonade and a treat, was just one of the many fun traditions that we picked up while living in Virginia that we've decided to bring, here.


While we were a little ambivalent about moving, we are so excited to be here, now. This next chapter of our lives will be filled with amazing adventure and learning.   Like just today, my children taught me the Pledge to the Texas flag.  I'd had no idea Texas had their very own pledge.

(Apparently, 16 other states do, too.)

PS: It seems I don't remember how to share photos from Flickr to my blog anymore.  Why must people change things?  I'm hardly able to keep up anymore.  Hopefully, one of my more technically savvy children will be able to give me a tutorial next time I'm on line.